• Here are those who are ready to make your new mattresses, from the left: Equbal, Eivind, Abdullah, Fredrik, Ole-Heine and Edvin
    Here are those who are ready to make your new mattresses, from the left: Equbal, Eivind, Abdullah, Fredrik, Ole-Heine and Edvin
  • The boss himself, Ole Heine Stene at the sewing machine and makes mattress covers
    The boss himself, Ole Heine Stene at the sewing machine and makes mattress covers
  • Ole Heine presents products that are ready for delivery
    Ole Heine presents products that are ready for delivery
  • Fredri k shows a finished cut and edged floor mat
    Fredri k shows a finished cut and edged floor mat
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Text: Sven Furuly, Photo: Stene
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 1 February 2019

Stene A / S in Harstad: Camping mattresses for wellness

When the goal is to be the best, it plays little role where you are. A good reputation, together with good customer care, has been the mainstay of the family business Stene A / S in Harstad for nearly sixty years.

It doesn't matter if the camper or caravan is brand new, or nicely used. Few things in life are more important than a good mattress, and therefore we invest quite a bit in being able to sleep well at home. But the requirement to stay well is no less in leisure time. It is precisely these "breaks" that will give us energy between the work sessions, and for those who have entered the retirement age there can be many overnight stays stretching - whether it is in a motorhome or in a caravan. But what do you do when the mattress works badly?

Mattresses from Harstad

If you try the bed in a brand new motorhome or caravan it is not unthinkable that you think it is too hard, and if you walk the mattress in a used caravan a little closer to the seams, you may not want to put yourself there . Then good advice is expensive, you might think, and start looking online for the importer or manufacturer of your camper or caravan to get alternative mattresses or have a new set delivered to it used. The solution is easier, faster and less expensive than you expected. Far less that it is in Harstad!

Large selection

Stene A / S was established in 1960, and unexpectedly the establishment had something to do with the boat. Chairs, pillows, canopies, tarpaulins and sails were delivered throughout the region and became the beginning of an adventurous story. In days the third generation is sitting at the helm, and the product range has grown to include a lot that is used in motorhomes and caravans. We have already mentioned mattresses, but over-mattresses, pillows, blankets, and drafts are also products that make the business a place where you can get help for most things. Even the driver's and passenger's seats, with their accompanying lounge and wall panels, can make the professional furniture carpeters.

Nationwide business idea

But how to deal with a company in Harstad, you might think? It is precisely this challenge that has created the company's nationwide business idea. By marketing themselves in the leading industry publications and having an informative website, they attract customers' attention. After contact is established by phone or e-mail, the first steps towards ordering and delivery can start. As an example, let's take a customer who has a brand new motorhome, but who thinks the mattress is too hard. Stene A / S is not only a supplier, but also a manufacturer of mattresses. Often, the customer only needs a new top mattress to get the desired comfort. This is built up in a "sandwich construction" consisting of a foam core and a quilted part, inside the cover.


Such a mattress - with a maximum size of 150 x 200 cm - costs 3690 NOK freely supplied. But since few caravans or motorhomes have any standard dimensions, the "corporate secret" is in a template package which is sent to the customer after ordering. This contains everything the customer needs and all the necessary information to make an outline of the existing mattress. When Stena A / S has received this in return, it takes three working days before the new mattress is on its way. If complete mattresses are to be made, the same procedure is used, or the customer even makes templates of paper to save time. Then it is also important to specify the thickness - which can be 15, 17 or 18 cm - depending on the space available or the customer's wishes.


Both replacement mattresses and other features of the caravan or camper obviously are not just about comfort. For many, "hygiene" is the most important reason for wanting new equipment. Few people buy a new house, and use frame mattresses or a salon "they get included in the purchase ..." Wear and the purely aesthetic are also reasons for the features of the seating area or seats being replaced. This, together with new carpets, can "modernize" the use purchase and create high satisfaction for a moderate investment. Again, it is about trust, a supplier who always responds to the phone, and special adjustments according to the customer's wishes. Tailoring has got its own brand, "By Stene", which says a bit about family pride.

Competence and creativity

Taste it, so cost it - is a well-known term, but then it will be no 60 year anniversary. Looking at what original mattresses, carpets and seat covers cost, the company is very competitive. Personal service and follow-up throughout the process is also important. Advice and tips can save the customer for many hours in the "thinking box", because often others have had exactly the same issues that you have, and special adaptations are the strength of the company. Sixty years of experience, combined with knowledge of efficient industrial production, has created a professional and competitive company. And with both Hurtigruta, Harstad Municipality and the Repository as customers, there is every reason to think that the quality of both the products and the deliveries is the way we all want them to be!

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