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Classified to 3 stars of the Norwegian Hospitality
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Classified to 3 stars of the Norwegian Hospitality
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Opening hours

summer Open
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  • Drop-in motorhome / caravan: Summer only
  • Tent pitch available: Summer only
  • Rental cottage: Summer only
  • Rental rooms: Summer only


Map Coordinates: 61.031194, 5.351000


+47 57 78 54
Alternatively number: 
+47 90 28 39
Sognefjordvegen 1195
5961 Brekke


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Bottom camping

Botnen camping is located idyllically to the far end of the Sognefjord, between Oppedal and Rutledal. From Bergen there is approximately 1,5 hours driving north along E 39, driving off at Instefjord.

The place is by the sea, with very good fishing opportunities. There are and many beautiful hiking trails in the area.

Me has 8 cabins for rent. 5 cabins of 24 m2 with seating for 4 people. 3 single cabins of 12m2 with seating for 2 +. In addition, a boathouse with 5 rooms with sleeping space for 2.

Me has 30 seats for regular camping trips. The campsite has good pitches for tourists who come with motorhomes and camping habits. In addition, there are good tent pitches. Everyone has access to power outlets.

In 2014, a new sanitary facility was built, in addition to a new respite, simple shop and cafe with food service. There is and access to shared kitchen, washing machine, dryer etc. The campsite has 6 boats for hire.

Camping Norway East - West

Botnen Camping is one of the campsites which is affiliated with Camping Norway East - West. This is a round trip that can give you some of the best that southern Norway can offer of nature experiences and activities. The campsites are in suitable daily stages, with enough time for good stops for experiences along the way. Here you will find an overview of all the sites included in this camping chain.


Experience waking up in a good bed and listening to bird droppings with great views of the Sognefjord in front of you. You can experience this at Botnen camping in one of our new glamping tents with a large terrace. Sanitary facilities and kitchens are located just off the glamping tent. The tent is furnished as a hotel room with a double bed, and has a stream. In the tent there is also a heater, towels, carpet on the floor, as well as chairs and tables that can also be taken out on the terrace. The tent is located so you can enjoy the sunset and sunrise with great views to the Sognefjord. It is also possible to buy breakfast and a simple meal at the Botnen camping café.

Attractions and activities

Botnen Camping is a pleasant city to be. But it is also a good starting point for various excursions and activities.

The area around the campsite offers a great and varied hiking terrain with trails for both beginners and exercisers, but more experienced hikers will also find challenging trails.

From Botnen Camping it is possible to take day trips to various interesting destinations in the area.

Gulatinget lie in Eivindvik 40 min drive to get Botnen Camping. The Gulatinget was the largest lay in Norway from 900 to 1300. The thing was legislative, executive and judicial power, and the area of ​​law five whole coast, as well as Hallingdal, Setesdal and Valdres. The Gulatings Act is the oldest law in the Nordic countries. In Eivindvik you can visit the authentic city of the town where the Anglican cross from the 900th century marks the place where the Gulating was first gathered. Here you will find and "The Hall of the Hall" where Henrik Wergeland bid as he visited the legendary priest Nils Griis Alstrup Dahl and wrote the poem "Eivindvik". More information can be found here:

Solund is an island municipality in the Sognefjord. If you find Botnen camping, you can take a ferry from Rutledal to Krakhella in Solund. In Solund, you can be with the mail boat on island hopping, where you can and also have a bike. For more information, see:

Skjerjehamn lie in Gulen municipality, about 1 hour from Boten Camping. This is an old trading town, which was a focal point for shipping traffic in Western Norway. The old country villa from 1891 has been restored and contributed to the area having a great atmosphere in the entrance to the Sognefjord. At Skjerjehamn you can see the statue of King Olav V. For more information see;

Massnes Vilmarksmuseum lie on the south side of the Sognefjord about 1 hour from Botnen Camping. Here you can experience animals from Norwegian nature. You can find Massnes Wilderness Museum on the map by clicking and clicking here.


sweet Kollen lie 557 m above sea level. It is well marked trail from Brekke about 15 min drive from Botnen Camping. At Søtekollen you get a view in and out over the Sognefjord. For more info see:

Yst Tackle chair og In the middle of the roof chair  lie in the vicinity of Botnen Camping. These are light and beautiful mountain walks.


Botnen Camping is a great city for fishing enthusiasts. You can fish with rod from the beach, or you can rent one of our boats and take a trip out to the fjord and try the fish hatch there.

If you prefer to fish in fresh water, there are several places you can choose from. We at Botnen Camping are happy to inform about this. Most cities have to buy fishing licenses from landowners.

If you are over 18 and want to fish for salmon, sea urchin or sea char, you must also have paid the Fishing Fee. More information on this can be found here:

Welcome to Botnen Camping!

key information

  • Cottage for rent
  • Room for rent
  • Motorhome parking space
  • Caravan stand
  • tent Place
  • Power available for caravan / motorhome / tent
  • Booking of cottage / apartment is possible
  • Free WIFI
  • Kiosk
  • Pub
  • Living room with TV
  • Washing machine for a fee
  • Tumble dryer for a fee
  • Wash basin with warm water
  • cooking facilities
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Drain foam for emptying portable toilet system
  • Empty motorhome
  • Dogs (animals) are welcome
  • The campsite adapted for the disabled
  • Playground
  • bathing spot
  • Rental of boats
  • Canoe rental
  • Suitable for fishing
  • Suitable for diving
  • Suitable for paddling
  • Hiking trails
  • We speak Norwegian
  • We speak English
  • We accept Bank Axept
  • We accept Visa
  • We accept Mastercard
  • We accept Diners Club

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