Lammetun holiday and leisure

Lammetun holiday and leisure opposition poured west in Fjaler municipality on an island connected by tunnel whose name Lammetun. Views from the camping area and hire entities are entitled to Vilnes Fjord. In the summer, the sun into the ocean so we can boast that we have the midnight sun. The eine hire A unit of our "boathouse" Wasted 0 meters from the sea, whereas the other one whose name "barn" Wasted ca.100 meters from the sea, but has two Altan with views directly to the mountain Alden and solnedgong here and.

We drive campsite where we have 20 permanent seats, in addition we have five vacant places available if you want a base to take motorhome or caravan with you and head out to the coast one weekend.

Our entities lies in area to Lammetun coastal fort. Here we EiT maintained fortifications from 2.verdskrig. In the same area we have placed benches and layers bålgruver so ein can relax and enjoy themselves members of a beautiful scenery. Elles opposition we near mountains that has marked trails, domination "Legal Entities Mountain", "The village Heia" and "Alden". Last Tribunal must ein boat to ascend, if necessary. Can ein take the ferry that goes from Fure to Værlandet, and rent his boat over to the island "Alden". In addition to this is here Much berries and mushrooms for those who likes to pick it.


"Ebb" is a small hire entities that are 2 years gamal. It is a part of our barn that no has become a charming and sweet shelters for dives that prefer it with access to toilet / bath and cooking possibilities in the mountains. The room is approximately 15 m2 and has easy innreiing. You find combines a kitchen, refrigerator, coffee maker, 120 200 × cm bed and tv / satellite channels.


Spring 2014 we were ready with the new hire A unit of our "Floating". There is a appartments are innreia in our barn and is equipped for four persons. Please contact us if you want a base rent it. This is also winter insulated.


Poured into the seaside, we have an utleige entities on 45 m2 which we call "boathouse." The rents we out through the booking company Novasol. It is possible to contact us directly if they GUIDES to rent through us, but then you'll have ein be tidleg out. Autumn and winter we have something more capacity.


Want to go on the rocks "Alden"? We arrange trip to Alden on demand. Are they a group of 7-8 persons who prefer dives a trip out to sea on this great mountain, they can contact us at tel. 472 83 634 for price offers and booking.

It runs the passenger boat from Lammetun out to "Alden". The trip takes ca.15 min. Vidare they go on the 481 meter tall mountains and enjoy the view before they go down backwards and host ride eighteenth to Lammetun.

We can also offer accommodation in a of our hire entities if it is interesting to take weekend out here in the ocean.


Hits comp courtesan or your work colleagues in a different way. Try paintball hjå us. We have 18 markers and equipment clear whether they will make the trip. We are also removable, so if you have an area it is possible to spele paintball on, we can get to you. Please contact us for more information, ordering time and price offers.


Over the years, we have occasionally had visits from botanists who have walked in the fortress and watched the flowers that grow here. Some claim that we have flowers that are not "common" for the space here, we do not know. Post a picture of some of the flowers that are in the area so they can see.

Welcome to Lammetun holiday and leisure!

Contact information
Classification of cabins
Opening hours
  • Full service period: March-October
  • High Season: May-August
  • Motorhome / caravan: All year
  • Tent: All year
  • Apartment: All year
  • Cottages: All year
  • Rome: All year
  • season Space: All year
  • Caravan pitches: 5
  • Motorhome pitches: 5
  • tent Place: 30
  • Motorhome, caravan and tent pitches: 15
  • Cabins: 3
  • Apartments: 2
  • Rome: 28
  • WC: 2
  • Showers: 2
  • Washbasins with hot water: 3