Bøen Camping & Kafe

Bøen Camping & Kafe can be found in Tuddal, at the foot of Gaustatoppen. We are idyllically located by Bjårvatn in Tuddal, with great hiking and fishing opportunities summer and winter. We also have a nice hiking trail around Bjårvatn. Gaustatoppen is a popular hiking destination, it is only 17 km away. Rjukan (27km) has a popular water park and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Notodden (44km) with Heddal Stave Church. We have a cafe with all rights, ala carte menu and current menu.

Surrounded by mountains, water and forest idyll, you can enjoy quiet holidays. For those of you who are adventurous, you will find a number of experiences in the local area, regardless of desire.

We have tents, motorhome / caravan pitches and cabins for rent.

Bøen Camping & Kafe has been an important part of Tuddal for many years. In the spring of 2020, Ellen Bjørdalen Nerheim and Bjørn Erik Nerheim took over the operation of the facility. We are located centrally in Tuddal, in idyllic surroundings right by the water, with a short way to groceries, experiences and historical tourist attractions.

With us you will find both a kiosk and a café. In the kiosk you will find some food and snacks - and what you will not find here you can get at the local Joker shop which is within walking distance. In our cafe you will find a varied menu, everything from simple small dishes to dinner with local ingredients and today's specialty. The kiosk and café are open to everyone!


Cabin 1: Cottage with kitchen and double bed

Cabin 2: Cottage with kitchenette w / hob and family bunk

cabin 3: Cottage with kitchenette w / hobs and family bunk

cabin 4: Cottage with kitchenette, dining area, and family bunk

cabin 6: Cottage with 2 bedrooms, 1 bedroom. with bunk bed, 1 sleep. with family bunk, kitchenette and dining area

cabin 8: Cottage with 2 bedrooms. 1 bedroom with double bed and family bunk, 1 bedroom with family bunk, kitchen and bathroom / WC

Cabin 9: Cabin with 3 bedrooms, 1 sleeping. with double bed, 1 sleeping. with bunk bed, 1 sleep. with family bunk, kitchen and bathroom / WC

Gaustatoppen - Gaustablikk - Gaustabanen

A short drive from Bøen you will find Gaustatoppen and Gaustablikk. Take the beautiful walk up the mountain, or take the train inside the mountain with Gaustabanen, which is an experience in itself. At Gaustablikk you will also find a restaurant, ski center and great nature experiences.

World Heritage Notodden - Rjukan

In the world heritage cities of Rjukan and Notodden you will find a number of exciting, historical experiences, such as Vemork and the Norwegian Industrial Workers' Museum, the Tinnos line, the Telemark canal, the gondola Krossobanen, ice climbing, bungee jumping - and much, much more. In addition, you will also find a large selection of shops and restaurants.

Heddal Stave Church & Bygdetunet

Heddal Stave Church is Norway's largest stave church, and is almost 1000 years old. Here you can get a tour inside the architectural masterpiece, the guides know several languages. At the village yard only 300 meters away, you get to experience how the villagers lived in this area in the past. Enjoy a good lunch or dinner at Café Olea when you are nearby.

Welcome to Bøen Camping & Kafe!

Contact information
Opening hours
Classification cabins
  • Caravan pitches: 40
  • Motorhome pitches: 40
  • tent Place: 30
  • season Place: 60
  • Cabins: 9
  • Bathroom adapted for the disabled: 1
  • WC: 9
  • Showers: 6
  • Family room: 1
  • Washbasins with hot water: 10