Østnes Camping

In the middle of an eldorado for salmon fishing, and in the middle of Norwegian history is Austnes or Østnes as it is called locally. With its proximity to Stiklestad, it is one of the best starting points for unforgettable experiences in history, nature and not least culture for the whole family.

Austnes is among the very best salmon whales not only in the Verdal River, but in the entire region. Valdet delivers a number of real large-grown rugs every single season.

Pilgrim hut

Our cabins or pilgrimages are very cozy and inviting. They are located right on the river. You have full access to common sanitary facilities. It is possible to park right outside the door and it is only a few meters from the bed to the first cast after the big salmon. The cabins have electricity and heat sources.

Salmon cabin

The salmon cabins are our largest cabins. Right on the river bank, you make your own food in your own kitchen, or order food from our local suppliers. The cabins have their own bathroom with toilet and shower.

Exclusive fishing with your own cabin of your choice

This is truly the dream of the salmon fisherman. Completely separate cabin for yourself on your own choice. Nothing beats the feeling of standing in the river at Blåmelhølen to see the big salmon overturning as the morning sun breaks in through the forest. Memories and catches for life are created here.

You are all most welcome to a memorable nature experience!


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