Haglebu FerieSenter

Haglebu is located in Sigdal municipality - only 1-2 hours drive from several of the cities in eastern Norway. Haglebu Holiday Center is the place for those who seek peace of mind and who want to enjoy the Norwegian nature to the fullest.

Haglebu Feriesenter offers accommodation in rental cabins, apartments or double rooms. In winter we will gladly turn on the power for you, so it is nice and warm when you come here (please let us know when you are about to arrive). The sanitary facility is available for you who rent a cabin with us. This was completed by New Year 2019. Here you will find doors, showers, laundry, family room and kitchen.

We have our own shop that is open every day. We do our utmost to have a wide range in the product range. In the shop you will buy, among other things: Fresh baked goods every day, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, mineral water and beer, frozen goods, fresh products, short-cooked food, elk meat, small goodies and snacks, fishing equipment, clothes from Bergans, Propane.


Haglebu Holiday Center has a newly renovated apartment of 80 m2. This consists of: Sleeps 6 adults. 2 bedrooms. Bathroom, kitchen, living room, double room.

Cabin no. 8

Sleeps 5 adults and possibly 1 in loft. 2 bedrooms with family bunks. The cottage is equipped with duvets and pillows in the bedrooms. The cabin does not have a bathroom. Kitchen: Sleeper stove, coffee maker and refrigerator. Living room: Corner sofa, sitting area and TV.

Cabin no. 9

Sleeps: 4 adults Bedrooms: 1 bedroom with family bunk and single bed. The cottage is equipped with duvets and pillows in the bedrooms. Bathroom: No, sanitary room on site must be used Kitchen: Hotplate, coffee maker and refrigerator Living room: Corner sofa, sitting area and TV Cabin no. The cottage is equipped with duvets and pillows in the bedrooms. Bathroom: No, sanitary facilities on site Must be used Kitchen: Hob, coffee maker and refrigerator Living room: Sofa, sitting area and TV


We have several places available for you with a motorhome, caravan or tent that want drop-in. The sites are down by the Haglebuvannet. A new sanitary facility has been built which was completed by New Year 2019. Here you will find doors, showers, laundry, family room and kitchen.

Vacant year-round jobs

Looking for space in the mountains? We can tempt you with nice places, some near the water and others near the new sanitation. Several of these places are so large that they can accommodate long carriages and are also allowed with a width of 3 meters on the nail arch. Contact us by phone or email if it is of interest. Feel free to contact for prices for all year or summer or winter camping.

The hiking

In the summer there are many trails you can follow around the mountain areas at Haglebu. Haglebu Feriesenter is a great starting point for trips in the mountains. In winter, there are great opportunities for skiing in the mountains around Haglebu.

Haglebu Culture and Nature Trail

At Haglebu you will find a number of traces of former use of the forest, the fields and the mountains. Humans have known at all times to make use of the riches of nature. In addition to an exciting tomb from Merovingian times (ca. 570 - 800 AD), evidence has been found of hunting and trapping, agriculture and farm operations, but also industry in the form of iron extraction. Still, not all the clues are equally clear. Which formations in the terrain are natural and which are man-made? Follow the trail and you can learn a little more about all the secrets hidden in the landscape. The trip is about 2 km long and takes about half an hour. The tour is well marked and suitable for wheelchairs, strollers etc. The trail starts with us.

Haglebu night

You can follow the trail up to the highest peak, the Haglebunatten. If you are of the real sporty type, you can take a dip in Snøfonntjenn. If you walk on the other side of the valley, you can enter the Småvannene. There are many choices here. There are marked trails that the Tourist Association keeps in order. Once over the tree line, the terrain is slightly hilly. It is nice to walk in. You have many beautiful view points in the mountains.

Shotgun - Dalabu

If you want to go for a whole day you can choose this route. It is 19 km and it is intended for about 5 hours. Then you walk along the road to Flatvollen. From Flatvollen there is a sharp climb up through the slope to the northwest to Delesnatten and down to the beautiful Reins Lake. Then the trip goes west over Reinsjøfjellet and down to Lauvhaugen and Rohaug. The walk continues a short distance on the road and north of Briskerud you go to the paddock and down to Dalabu.

Welcome to Haglebu Holiday Center!

Contact information
Classification of cabins
Opening hours
  • Full service period01.01-31.12
  • Motorhome / caravan: All year
  • Tent: Summer season only
  • Apartment: All year
  • Cottages: All year
  • Rome: All year
  • season Space: All year
  • Caravan pitches: 12
  • Motorhome pitches: 12
  • tent Place: 4
  • season Place: 155
  • Cabins: 3
  • Apartments: 1
  • Rome: 1
  • Bathroom adapted for the disabled: 1
  • WC: 14
  • Showers: 11
  • Family room: 2
  • Washbasins with hot water: 32