• Telemarkskanalen - One of the world's most beautiful channels!

Telemarkskanalen - One of the world's most beautiful channels!

The Telemark Canal is a nickname on the Norsjø – Skien Canal and the Bandak-Norsjøkanalen. Rivers and lakes are bound together by this beautiful sluice plant that extends from Skien to Dalen in Telemark.

The canal is a total of 110 km long and has a height difference (lift height) of 72 meters. The channel consists of a total of eight locks; Skien, Løveid, Ulefoss, Vrangfoss, Lunde, Kjeldal and Hogga. Vrangfoss is the largest sluice plant and has five sluice chambers.

This is a trip that can be done by kayak / canoe, scheduled boat or motor boat. The scheduled boats MS "Henrik Ibsen" and MS "Victoria" run in tourist traffic from Skien to Dalen, and from here you can enjoy a relaxing trip on deck. MS «Victoria» has operated the Telemark Canal since 1882.

Mangle choose to spend a few days on this trip to either take paddle rowing. Then one should calculate in advance, especially in summer when it can get a lot of traffic in the locks.


The valley is as previously mentioned at the start of the channel. Here you can among other things find the venerable wooden hotel Hotel Valley. Opened in 1894. From the valley, the trip across the great Bandak waters. and then go one further past Skarprud with the 1018 meter Rørholt Mountain. By Kviteseid water passes you including a small island with the possibility of accommodation in tents.

The first sluice, Hogga, you will find at the end of Flåvatn. You are currently in the Bandak Canal. From here it is not far to the next locks, Kjeldal sluice and Lunde lock.

By Vrangfoss find all 5 locks totaling a lifting height of 23 meters. This is the channel's lock systems, and therefore also very popular. Drag in your own boat, it is important to remember that the passenger boats have right of first refusal, so when they come you have to pull a little away.

Would you like to study the locks without being a part of the whole trip is Vrangfoss airlocks a superb place for contemplation - and probably a place to let themselves be impressed.

Bandak Norsjø Canal was opened in 1892. In European travel books became the channel referred to as a "world's eighth wonder" when it was finished.

Transport of goods and passengers and timber were the main reasons why the canal was built.

After Vrangfoss you come to Eidsfoss. In Ulefoss by Norsjø you will find Ulefoss locks with 3 locks and a lifting height of 10,7 meters. From Ulefoss, the trip goes over Norsjø to Skotfoss and the trip's last 2 locks - Løveid and Skien.

Want to take a trip through the locks on their own, it may be wise to buy travel cards - then you can save some money. It is most expensive in midsummer. All locks are serviced.

Do not want to travel with your own boat or liner can experience much along the canal either by car, bicycle or on foot.

Welcome to a great channel experience - Welcome to Telemarkskanalen!

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Telemark Camping

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Telemark Kanalcamping

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