Overview of campsites belonging to the Pluscamp chain

Overview of campsites belonging to the Pluscamp chain

Pluscamp - Every 8th night at camping is free with a stamp in the app. Every 8th night in a cabin gives NOK. 200, - in discount.

PlusCamp is a chain that consists of campsites all over Norway. Common to all the places is high quality and a high level of service with a focus on good maintenance and cleaning. 

At the same time, all the places are unique and can offer a lot of different activities and experience opportunities for both children and adults.

At PlusCamp you will always find some cottages and apartments of very good standard (4 or 5 stars). These cabins contain bathroom with shower / toilet (some with sauna). Well-equipped kitchen. One or more bedrooms. Cozy living room with TV. Most have wireless internet access.

Go directly to the individual space for ordering of cottages. Most have online booking.

In PlusCamp, they place great emphasis on camping being something more than just staying overnight. All their campsites can therefore offer a rich selection of activities and experiences for the whole family in their immediate area.

Most pitches also have many activities on offer at the campsite. High demands are placed on their member companies, and the most important requirements are good cleaning, quality and good service.

For those in PlusCamp, the most important thing is that you as a customer should be satisfied with your stay, whether you are in transit or if you choose to spend your entire holiday at one or more of their PlusCamp campsites.

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Aurdal Fjordcamping og Hytter

+47 61 36 52 12
Vestringslinna 252
2910 Aurdal

Ballangen Camping

8540 Ballangen

Mageli Camping og Hytter

+47 61 27 63 22
Kongsvegen 2220
2635 Tretten

Neset Camping

+47 92 28 14 44
Setesdalsvegen 2035
4741 Byglandsfjord

Saltstraumen Camping

+47 75 58 75 60
8056 Saltstraumen

Granmo Camping

+47 99 64 29 47
7340 Oppdal

Hageseter Turisthytte og Camping

+47 61 24 29 60
Gautåsætervegen 84
2660 Dombås

Sande Camping

+47 41 66 91 92
6789 Loen

Sandvik Camping

+47 57 68 11 53
Sandvikvegen 17
6868 Gaupne

Strynsvatn Camping

+47 57 87 75 43
6783 Stryn

Trollstigen Camping og Gjestegård

+47 71 22 11 12
6300 Åndalsnes