• Herøy, Dønna, Lovund, Lurøy and Træna

Herøy, Dønna, Lovund, Lurøy and Træna

At Helgeland coast there are several thousand islands. Many of the are connected by bridges. Common to them all is the stunning views and the impressive nature. Have your bike, it comes guaranteed to his right on islands out here. Ferries and speedboats also binds a part of the islands together.


Herøy is a municipality that hotel consists of about 3000 islands, islets and rocks, several of the islands are connected by bridges. From Herøy you have a wonderful view of the Seven Sisters, Dønnamannen, Lovund and Vega. To get out here you can take the ferry from Søvik.

Herøy is like many of the islands out here a paradise for cycling. Herøy church is a stone church from 1100 century. Its also called Helgeland Cathedral.


From Herøy can continue the trip over to Dønna. Also here you will find beautiful scenery and spectacular mountains. Dønnamannen is perhaps the second most famous mountain. Out here on Dønna is also a beautiful medieval church built in stone.


From Dønna, the trip by ferry across to Sandnessjøen and further north towards Nesna. Nesna is a small place that probably is best known for Nesnalobben. Read more about Nesnalobben under useful links. Lurøy you can find a short distance north of Nesna. Beautiful scenery and great hiking trails are also here the key words for the visitor encounters on Lurøy. From Lurøy you can take a ferry out to Lovund and Træna.


Lovund is perhaps best known as Lundeøya. Very many puffins are here in the summer. The Lund Day is marked in April each year.


Extremely Helgeland coast is the island community of Træna. Træna Norway's oldest fishing village and consists of over 400 islands.

Every year the festival out here - Trænafestivalen. The population tenfold out here during those days.

Welcome to the magical scenery and outstanding views!

Good trip!

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