Boathouse camping

Come and enjoy the silence and nice scenery where the road ends on the east side of Femunden. Stay in one of our cottages which have been old farm house or stay in your own caravan or tent entirely on the shores of Lake Femunden.

You can go fishing, go hiking in the mountains or the woods. You can go cycling on one of the quiet forest roads in the area, or you can just relax and enjoy the breathtaking views of sea and mountains. Want to go on a trip even further into the wilderness, you can take the ferry Fæmund ll to Haugen or Røa and go fishing in the numerous lakes in Femundsmarka National Park. Ca 2 mil south of Elgå visit Gutulia National Park where you can hike through pristine primeval forest or eating waffle on the old farm.

Nordre Båtstø is one of the oldest farms located inside Elgå-vika. There was permanent settlement here around 1750. The nature here has always been rich in fish and game so that this has been a great resource for the population. Eventually there were small farms around the bay and here on Båtstø there were cows, goats, sheep, horses and chickens until about 1970.

Then traditional farming was eventually discontinued and we found that we wanted to share some of our magnificent nature with others who wanted to come here to experience silence and recreation. Several of the old small houses that belonged to the farm were restored to simple cabins that were located at the edge of the forest with a nice view to the sea and mountains. Many have found their way here over the years. New friendships have been forged across nationalities and many have been regular guests here for 25-30 years. Europeans greatly appreciate coming to an area where there is untouched nature and plenty of space.

We currently have 7 rental cabins. Everyone has electricity, but no one has water. There are sanitary facilities with shower and washing facilities. Washing machine and dishwasher.

We also have an old seats approximately 12 km south of Elgå that can be rented out.

Nice tent and caravan site. This is located right down to the seafront with beautiful views of the Femunden.

The old barn on the farm was converted to common in 2014. Our guests can freely use to enter to fire in the fireplace, reading book from our small library, or connect to free WiFi. It is also possible to rent "Fjøsstuggu" to closed, private gathering.


large cabin Built in 1996. 50 sqm, 3 bedrooms and a loft. 6 - 7 beds. Kitchenette, large living room with fireplace. Large porch facing west.

Cabin A, Gjetfjøset Been summer barn for goats on the farm until 1970. Built in about 1937 (restored in 1972) about 30 m sqm 1 room w / kitchenette. 1 bedroom w / 2 bunk beds.

Cabin B, Esten Stua The oldest house on the farm. Has been smokehouse where it was baked and cooked cheese etc. Built about 1820 (restored in 1969). about 30 sqm. 1 room w / kitchenette, 2 bedroom w / 5 sleeps

Cabin C, Seats cabin Eldhuset from Hans Brook Setra who were moved to the farm and turned into cottage 1970. Built in 1930. Ca 25 sqm. 1 room w / kitchenette, 2 bedroom w / 5 sleeps

Cabin D, Seacabin Former hay barn on the farm of 1800 century. Rebuilt to hut in 1970. Ca 20 sqm. 1 room w / kitchenette, 1 bedroom w / 2 bunk beds.

Cabin E, Liebeshaus, Built in 1979 Ca 35 kvm.1 room w / kitchenette, 1 bedroom w / 2 bunk beds. Good stall. Not road all the way.

Cabin F, Texas Former stables on the farm from 1800- century. Rebuilt to cabin about 1969. Ca 15 sqm. 1 room w / kitchenette. 1 bunk. No electricity. Photovoltaics and propane. Located just off the sea about 50 m away from the farm. Not road all the way.

His Brook setra Seats belonging to the farm. 15 km south of Elgå against Storbekken. Old seats lounge, 1 room w / approx 5 beds. No running water and strøm.Bilvei almost all the summer. Toll road from Tjønnodden hyttefelt.

Welcome to Båtstø Camping!

Contact information
Classification of cabins
Opening hours
  • Motorhome / caravan: All year
  • Tent: Summer season only
  • Cottages: All year
  • season Space: All year
  • Caravan pitches: 15
  • Motorhome pitches: 10
  • tent Place: 10
  • season Place: 12
  • Cabins: 7
  • Bathroom adapted for the disabled: 1
  • WC: 5
  • Showers: 5
  • Family room: 1
  • Washbasins with hot water: 7