Lesjaskogsvatnet Camping

Lesjaskogsvatnet Camping is a pleasant vacation spot where you can fish, take canoe trips, bike and take walks along the water or in the mountains. The campground is located at the beautiful Lesjaskogsvatnet.

We rowboat, canoes, pedalos, huts, tents, caravan and campers. Sales of fishing licenses. Campground and kiosk is open in time 15. June - 15. August. We can take guests after hours by appointment. The campsite is open all year for regular guests.


Lesjaskogsvatnet is 611 meters above sea level. There is an approximately 10 kilometer long lake in Lesja municipality in Oppland county. From Lesjaskogsvatnet runs Rauma westward and Gudbrandsdalslågen eastward. Lesjaskogsvatnet was dammed in 1660-years to provide water supply to the ironworks at Lesjaverk. The water level was raised with a 3 meter high dam in eastern extremity at Lesjaverk (Lågen expiration), and the western end by Lesjaskog (Rauma outlet) was also end raised at a rock-fill.

Before draining the water was shorter and it was really lake most in the western part, while the eastern part was most bogs and small ponds. Before the damming had Lesjaskogsvatnet just drains westward to Rauma. Lesjaskogsvatnet is one of the few lakes in Norway which has two outlets. Decaying plants and fish at the bottom emit flammable gases that winter trapped under the ice. In some places the water from the springs and make holes in the ice. This is called "Vermer."

Welcome to Lesjaskogvatnet Camping!

Contact information
Classification of cabins
Opening hours
  • Open15.06-15.08
  • Motorhome / caravan: Summer season only
  • Cottages: Summer season only
  • season Space: All year
  • Motorhome, caravan and tent pitches: 40
  • season Place: 47
  • Cabins: 13