• Honningsvåg - the northernmost city in the world
  • Honningsvåg - the northernmost city in the world
  • Honningsvåg - the northernmost city in the world

Honningsvåg - the northernmost city in the world?

Honningsvåg is located at 71 degrees north, and is referred to as the world's northernmost city, but is it?

Honningsvåg is a town on Magerøya in Nordkapp municipality. Which city is the northernmost has been the subject of many discussions over the years. The reason for this is that Honningsvåg gained city status before the rule that applies today, which regulates that you must have more than 5000 inhabitants to call yourself a city. Since Norwegian laws do not have retroactive effect, this does not apply Honningsvåg, and they can thus call themselves a city.

Honningsvåg, located on Magerøya in Nordkapp municipality in Finnmark, has been connected to the mainland through a nearly 7 km long underwater tunnel since 1999.

Honningsvåg is only 35 km south of the Nordkapp plateau, and this gives extra tourism to the city in the summer.

Every day, Hurtigruten has two more daily calls Honningsvåg (southbound and northbound).

Nordkapp - Welcome to the top of Europe

Nordkapp municipality located on Magerøya in Finnmark county, and is best known both in and outside Norway for Plateau. Plateau is a highly sought after destination for many vacationing in Norway, and annually visit more than 200 000 tourists plateau.

Plateau is one of 300 meter steep cliff is referred to as the northernmost point in Europe. Knivskjelodden however, is approximately 1 380 m further north, making the continental Europe's real northernmost point. Both of these places are located on an island, which means that the northernmost point of mainland Europe is Kinnarodden.

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