First Camp Bogense City

Whether you want to take a walk in the forest, a drive in beautiful surroundings or a swim on the beach, it can be done in Bogense. There is something here for both nature lovers and city dwellers, because despite its modest size, Bogense has many different shops, restaurants and supermarkets.

First Camp Bogense City - Funen is five minutes' walk from the harbour, the beach, the marina and the centre. We do everything to create the right environment for you and your family when you choose to holiday with us. Whether you're looking for a relaxing holiday or a stroll through the streets, Bogense and First Camp Bogense City is the place to be.

Welcome to a fantastic city - a pearl on Funen!

Pssst.. Did you know that free access to the swimming pool and pool is always included in the price when you are a guest at First Camp Bogense?

Outdoor pool

The pool, located in the heart of the campsite, is home to many pleasant hours. There is a slide, bubble zone, two depths - and not least sunbeds and umbrellas, so you can decide for yourself how to spend a day at the pool... Although First Camp Bogense City is close to both the beach, the marina and the water park, it is now easy to slip into the pool and take a morning dip or lie outside under a parasol with a crime novel in hand.

The pool is heated using solar cells, so you can take it easy and not worry about either environmental pollution or overuse - You can just relax by the lovely 700m2 pool area or frolic with the children in the water. There is an option for everything.

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