First Camp Duse Headland

Welcome to our campsite Duse Udde outside Säffle! Here you are offered everything from culture and history to adventures and activities of all kinds.

Duse Udde is a real gem in beautiful surroundings. It offers beautiful nature, cycle paths and a rich wildlife. Here there are wonderful swimming opportunities with child-friendly beaches and cozy rocky cliffs. With a fantastic view of Lake Väners, it lies above the hundred-year-old lighthouse, which today is a cozy restaurant.

In the area there are both ball sports areas and playgrounds as well as the right facilities for a really comfortable stay. Take in what you like best – large forests, open landscapes and not least the Väner coast with its expansive views and the beautiful archipelago.

Säffle awaits with classic Värmland hospitality so you can discover, taste and enjoy at your own pace.


At First Camp Duse Udde – Säffle, you can book accommodation for a caravan, motorhome or tent. We have three service houses on the campsite and check-in takes place at 13.00pm for those who live on the campsite. Check out at 12.00 at the latest. At the destination, there are over 200 different campsites to choose from. Our campsite is open all year round and each season really has its own charm. Whether you want a beachside location, stay a little further into the campsite, near a service center or a dog bath, this is the place for you.


With us, you will find many cabins in various sizes that suit both large and small families. Choose from a wide selection of different types of cabin accommodation, from simple overnight cabins to modern self-catering cabins. All the cabins are close to our activities. Welcome to book accommodation at beautiful Vänern and Duse Udde - Säffle!


In the same building as the reception, you will find the shop at Duse Udde. The store has the same opening hours as the reception. The store is gradually filled up during the spring to be able to offer the entire range in the summer season.

Restaurant The Guy

Welcome to Restaurang Fyren, which is exactly what it sounds like, a lighthouse, with a fantastic view of Lake Vänern. Here you can enjoy a good lunch and dinner or why not both? The restaurant is open in the summer.

Welcome to Duse Udde!

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