• Bodo - Magic light and strong currents
  • Bodo - Magic light and strong currents

Bodo - Magic light and strong currents

"Going to Kjerringøy on the first june day" - yes maybe that's exactly what to do? Halvdan Sivertsen was so excited when he came out that it resulted in the famous song "Kjerringøy".

Bodø is the largest city in Nordland. Here you will find many beautiful places of worship and places to go out, and the most popular place to go out is the top of the mountain Veten in Bodø municipality - also known as Keiservarden. The mountain rises 366 meters above sea level and is known for its fantastic views of the Lofoten Wall, among other places. The Imperial Guard is named after Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany who visited the mountain top on July 16, 1889.

In Bodø you will also find the Norwegian Aviation Museum - a great experience for both young and old. And if it's a kid, it's so important to note that Pelle Politibil comes from Bodø ... Pelle is usually outside the police station in Bodø.

California also has the highest density of sea eagles in the world. Eagles can be seen all year round!


Kjerringøy located about 30 minutes drive away Bodø, and is today a small, modern village community. Out here among other things, the historical Kjerringøy.

Island hopping

Outside Bodø you will find a world of islands - Væran. Givær, Bliksvær, Landegode, Helligvær and Karlsøyvær served by speedboats and with a bike is the perfect place for "island hopping".

Bliksvær Located southwest of Bodo and consists of about sixty islands and islets. Here you will find magical beaches and great places for camping and kayaking.

Givær is approx. 25 km just west of Bodø, and is the world's only remaining traditional weather Nordlandtypes. Givær has year-round settlement, and here is active fishing, milk production, cheese-making, sheep farming and eider-breeding.

Helligvær consists of all 365 islands and represents a small paradise for kayakers and pleasure boaters.

Landegode Located just west of Bodø, and is a perfect island for excursions and camping life.


Saltstraumen is the world's strongest tidal current, and is approximately 30 km south of Bodo. Each 6. hour occurs tidal currents in that large quantities of water passing at a speed of about 20 knots through a 3 km long and 150 m wide strait. In Saltstraumen is both great fishing and rafting opportunities.

Good trip!

Camp Saltstraumen - Elvegård

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Saltstraumen Camping

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Bodøsjøen Camping

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Geitvågen bad & camping

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Hustad Camping

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Kjellingstraumen Fjordcamp

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Misvær Camping

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