Sørlandet Feriesenter

Sørlandet Feriesenter is located in an idyllic location directly by the sandy fjord, in the middle of the wooden town of Risør and the island of Lyngør.

What's more delicious than relaxing with a good book on the swamps a hot summer day? Take it easy while listening to the waves and the boats that pass by.

The campsite is open all year. In winter, please contact us in advance. Here we have own caravan parks, comfort areas, regular pitches and a very own tent area. To make it as comfortable as possible, we have two modern sanitary facilities strategically located on either side of the holiday center. Both have a bathroom, family room, children's section and camping kitchen.

It is suitable for swimming and sunbathing on our own cozy sandy beaches. Here it is also very nice for the children to play in the sand. We have a selection of sand toys in our store. The crab grinder lying out in summer is also very popular

At the holiday center we have a very own tent area. Here are the possibilities for power connection and space to put the car right next to the tent. It is often very practical.

children Departments

We have our own children's departments specially adapted for the little children with fun baths and showers. The bathtubs are in practical bench height for the parents' comfort. In the children's rooms there is free for the kids to shower. Here are fun shapes and facilities that make showers and care for a game.

Sea-cleared Bath

Sea-gushed Bath is a perfect place for sunbathing and swimming. The pools are heated and open from the beginning of June to the end of August. The clock 1000 - 1800. An eldorado for the whole family. In the high season there is also a café and kiosk in connection with the pool. Rock and card passes can be purchased at the reception or at the poolside kiosk.

Fjordstua, 10 + 2 persons, 5 bedrooms

This is the holiday center's largest and finest cabin. This cabin is perfect for those who travel more families together or just want space, beautiful views and modern amenities. It also has the best location, only 30 meters from the Sandnes fjord and with beautiful views over the fjord. During the high season this cabin is rented weekly, from Saturday to Saturday. We only have a cabin of this type so it pays to order as quickly as possible to get the dates you want.

In the cottage you will find five bedrooms, three of which have two single beds that can be easily assembled. One bedroom has a double bed and one has a family bed. There is a bathroom upstairs with wc and shower. Upstairs there is also a loft living room with sofa bed. Downstairs there is a universally designed main bathroom with WC, two showers and sauna. On the first floor is the living room with 42 'flat screen, large dining table and open plan kitchen. The kitchen is well equipped with dishwasher, microwave, stove, kettle, coffee maker, refrigerator and cooking utensils. Own, large outdoor area with freezer. Large porch with chairs, table and the most beautiful view to the fjord.

Cabins A: 6 + 2 persons, 3 bedrooms

We recommend these cabins to you who are more than four people or just want three bedrooms. In these cabins you have a private bathroom, as well as a fully equipped kitchen with modern facilities and generally a little better space than in the two bedroom cabins. Cottages at approx. 45 m2. Location 50 - 70 m from Sandnesfjorden. Living room with fully equipped kitchenette, dishwasher, stove, micro, kettle and coffee maker, high fridge with small freezer. Two bedrooms with family bed, 120cm lower deck. One bedroom with standard bunk bed. Recommended for 6 people, but also for 8. Terrace with table and 6 chairs. From the terrace you can enjoy the view to Sandnesfjorden.

Cabins B plus: 4 + 2 persons, 2 bedrooms

The best option for those who want two-bedroom cottage and want a modern bathroom, as well as a fully equipped kitchen with modern amenities. Here you have two bedrooms with family beds in each room. In other words, this category has a higher standard than the other with two bedrooms, namely Cabins B and C. In the high season (29.06 - 05.08) this cab type is available for arrival / departure, Wednesdays and Saturdays. These cabins have the highest standard of all cabins with 2 bedrooms. There is a modern bathroom with shower, toilet and heating cables. In both bedrooms there is a family box with 150 cm + 75 cm width. Kitchen with modern facilities. Dishwasher, stove, micro, kettle and coffee maker. High refrigerator with small freezer. Terrace with a table, six chairs and nice view to the fjord. Recommended for 4 people, but also possible for 6.

Cabins B: 4 + 2 persons, 2 bedrooms

A smart choice for those who want a fully equipped kitchen with modern amenities. Here you also have two bedrooms, shower and toilet. These cabins have a modern kitchenette with a dishwasher, microwave, stove, kettle and coffee maker. High refrigerator with small freezer. The cabins have two bedrooms. A family bed in each room with 120cm wide DreamZone mattress in the underwear and 75 cm wide mattress in the upper part. Some of the cabins have extra sofa bed in the living room. Please let us know if you want a sofa bed. Terrace with a table, four chairs and a view to the fjord. Location 50 - 120 meter from Sandnesfjorden. Recommended for four people, but also possible for six.

Cottages C: 4 + 2 persons, 2 bedrooms

If you want a cottage with two bedrooms, this is the most budget-friendly option we have. Here you get two bedrooms, shower and toilet, as well as a fully equipped kitchenette with hob (not oven), a small refrigerator and coffee maker. A family bunk in each room with 110 cm + 75 cm width. Some cabins have a sofa bed in the living room. Write a note at the end of the order if you want a sofa bed. Living room with kitchenette. Fully equipped mini kitchen - two hotplates (not stove), small refrigerator. Terrace with one table and four chairs. Location 50 - 120 meters from the Sandnesfjord. View to the fjord. Recommended for four people, but also possible for six.

Camping cabins G: 4 people, one room

Simple accommodation perfect for those who only need beds and ceilings over their heads. Simple 1-bedroom cabins without water. A double hotplate. Small fridge, dish washer. No kitchenware by the way. Small table with 4 chairs. Small terrace. Short walk to service house with toilet, shower and dishwasher. In these cabins you have a standard bunk bed and a family bunk bed with a wider undercoat on 110cm. The cottage is approx. 13 m2.

Apartments and motel rooms

Read more about our apartments and motel rooms here.

Welcome to Sørlandet Holiday Center!

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  • Full service period10.06-10.08
  • Motorhome / caravan: All year
  • Apartment: All year
  • Cottages: All year
  • Rome: All year
  • season Space: All year
  • Motorhome, caravan and tent pitches: 100
  • season Place: 95
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  • Apartments: 5
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