Lindeland Camping

The campsite was established in 1970 and completely renovated in 2011, with new sanitary, large barbecue area and beach volleyball court.

There are canoe rentals and excellent fishing in the river that flows past the campsite.

In connection with the reception there banquet facilities and farm museum, and buy arts and crafts. There are also opportunities to buy coffee, patches and porridge. Buses and large groups can book dinner.

Sirdal Ullstove has sales outlets with local handicrafts. Here you can order custom-made carpets sculptures etc. for decoration businesses, homes and cottages. The opening hours for the campsite is in the summer months, from May to August.

Hiking trails

There are several marked trails starting from the campsite. The nature here is untouched without the intervention of power development. Water in the area then holds the same level in both summer and winter.

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  • High Season: May-August