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Classified to 4 stars of the Norwegian Hospitality
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Classified to 3 stars of the Norwegian Hospitality
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Opening hours

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  • Drop-in motorhome / caravan: All year
  • Tent pitch available: Summer only
  • Rental cottage: All year
  • Season: Winter only


Map Coordinates: 67.900181, 13.053119


+47 99 48 94 05
Birger Eriksen weighs 30
8392 Sørvågen


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Moskenes Camping

Imagine getting ready and enjoying the view of the entire Lofot wall. Perhaps there is still water over the Vestfjord so the sunlight dances in the glare ... Then Odd Børretzen had come to stand behind you and sung "Sometimes eis it all right, and you were going to think that right now, life is completely alright. There's more to do than sitting in a chair to enjoy, but we think you'll have to check yourself - take a look at Moskenes Camping, so maybe you decide that this is one of the destinations you will have this year ...

Moskenes Camping is primarily a quiet and great place for motorhomes and caravans, but is also specially designed for tents. Mosque's campsite is situated in scenic surroundings overlooking the entire lofot wall and the west fjord. The campsite agreestea campsite in Lofoten where you can view the entire Lofoten Wall - a spectacular and grandiose vision.

Lofotveggen is the name of the series of mountains that make up the Lofoten Islands, and that looks like a wall when you see the distance. From Moskenes Camping can partly see the mountain Vågakallen and the characteristic Ureberget.

From Moskenes Camping has also a wonderful view across the Vestfjord, whether reflected in the calm sunlight, or the races in a gale you occasionally may experience during the summer. For many, being able to observe whaling up close a fascinating sight.


Moskenes Camping is primarily a quiet and wonderful place for campers and caravans, but is also particularly suitable for tents. The new plant emerges camp as modern and perhaps Lofoten latest camping regards facilities.


Moskenes Camping has 2 service house with facilities for shower, toilet and kitchen / cook and washing machine. In total, it is available in the summer season 18 toilets / - 12 showers, (slightly smaller in the shoulder season), as well as a communal kitchen for our guests. These facilities are controlled by a separate door / access code which one pays upon stay / arrival for the desired service. All facilities are of high quality and with regular daily cleaning routines. In addition, the camp has its own waste management system and for emptying the guests' waste. One appreciates that our guests think / act environmentally friendly using our facilities.

"Pösa pub"

"Posa pub" is a cozy little pub located at camp ingens area. It is open every day during the season. It serves simple meals and cold refreshments. The pub We are licensed.


With Moskenes Camping as your base you can experience Flakstad and Moskenes up close. A number of museums and activities allows you to fill every day of your stay with healthy and interesting experiences:

Stockfish museum in Å: The museum provides the history of stockfish through exhibitions and film projection. You can also get guidance in several different languages.

Norwegian Telecom Museum: Why was Lofoten so important for Norwegian and European telecommunications history? Learn how the German Emperor, at the beginning of 1900 century, played an important role in the development of one of Europe's first wireless telegraphs.

Dagmar Doll Museum: At Dagmar there are hundreds of dolls from all eras. Large room with with docks, dock clothes, dock furniture and other accessories.

Organized fishing trips: What is more exciting than going out to sea, dropping the hook, and pulling up a big and beautiful fish that you can cook right afterwards? Nothing! It doesn't get any better.

Blacksmith in Sund: In the smithy in Sund you can watch as the blacksmith unveils the famous Kongeskarven and other sculptures. Works from here are found all over the world, and many European royal houses have art from this small smithy in Flakstad.

Glass cabin on the Bay: Four kilometers from the crossing at Vareid you will find handicrafts in recycled glass of various colors and with inlaid quartz from the Lofot mountains.

Trips to the villages inside the Reinefjord: Today, Lofoten consists of far fewer settlements than just 100 years ago. Inside the Reinefjord there are several examples of modern times having obtained Lofoten and not all settlements have survived. The countryside is still very vibrant in the summer, and these are frequently visited.

A number of mountain walks in marked trails: Lofoten's magnificent mountain world attracts many people to hike, and here in the west you will find a number of marked hiking trails. By following these trails you can have a trip you will remember for the rest of your life.

Experience the Lofotr Viking Museum at Borg: 7 miles east of Moskenes Camping you can experience the Viking Age in a vibrant environment. Feel the smell of tar and bonfire. Taste the food, hear the story. The Vikings have been waiting for you for more than 1000 years.

Welcome to Moskenes Camping!

key information

  • Cottage for rent
  • Motorhome parking space
  • Caravan stand
  • tent Place
  • season Place
  • Power available for caravan / motorhome / tent
  • Booking of cottage / apartment is possible
  • Free WIFI
  • Kiosk
  • Walking distance to grocery store
  • Food serving
  • Washing machine for a fee
  • Tumble dryer for a fee
  • Wash basin with warm water
  • cooking facilities
  • Microwave
  • Drain foam for emptying portable toilet system
  • Empty motorhome
  • Dogs (animals) are welcome
  • Possibility of TV in cabins
  • The campsite adapted for the disabled
  • Playground
  • Skip Pillow
  • Suitable for fishing
  • Hiking trails
  • Skiløyper
  • Bicycle
  • We speak Norwegian
  • We speak Swedish
  • We speak Danish
  • We speak English
  • We accept Bank Axept
  • We accept Visa
  • We accept Mastercard


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