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Adria Club Norway

The idea of ​​a club in Norway came after something that started as a loose talk about div. online forum. We let out a fan on a meeting one evening, and within a few days there were over 40 interested. This in turn led the importer of Adria for the Nordic countries to become curious and contacted. After a Skype meeting with them, it was ready to establish AdriaClubNorway.

We founded the club 06.02.2019 with Org Nr: 922 217 629

We work on getting club members regular discount deals on relevant equipment all the time. If you are the one with the position to enter into an agreement please contact us.

We will try to get 2 hits a year, but to start with it will be a spring event so we will see how this develops.

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Evjua Strandpark

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Lærdal Ferie- og Fritidspark

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Skittenelv Camping

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