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Gryta Camping

Gryta Camping is a great location by the Oldevatnet in Oldedalen. From the tent hatch you can see straight on glaciers, thousands of high mountains and lush western nature. Casserole is a great city to holiday in - here you can relax and enjoy enjoying free, far away from hectic daytime quarters.

If you want an active holiday and love nature and outdoor life, you can vacation with us for a long time without being bored. The campsite is a good starting point for activities linked directly to the campsite and in the surrounding area. It is nice to stroll along the lake and pick field strawberries, take a walk on the lake with one of our boats and see if you get fish - or you can climb one or more of the many mountain tops we are surrounded by. Tour maps and good tips are provided at reception.

Camping Norway East - West

Gryta Camping is one of the campsites which is affiliated with Camping Norway East - West. This is a round trip that can give you some of the best that southern Norway can offer of nature experiences and activities. The campsites are in suitable daily stages, with enough time for good stops for experiences along the way.

Camping site

The campsite is planned in different plateaus, so one stands firmly when camped here - and can enjoy the wonderful view 360 degrees.

With a top capacity of 80 units, it is a spacious campsite - and you as a guest are allowed to choose exactly the place you want. Since the campsite is just as big, it does extra well if there are more people traveling in the flock - it is good to arrange their own camp together with those who travel with them.

Here is 80 points for electricity, and we also have ice skating ropes on loan if needed.
There are also good facilities for emptying the toilet.

Gryta Camping benefits from many guests who come eighteenth year after year, but we have no permanent guests.


We have five nice raudmåla cabins with peat roofs for rent. Built in recent times, these are of good standard. All cabins have a patio, and all of them are good for both short and long stays. All cabins have duvets and pillows, and duvet covers you can rent. You can also choose whether you want to wash the cabin yourself, or whether we will do the job for you.

As a cab guest you also have the opportunity to order breakfast. This is served in the café every morning from 08.00am until the last guest has finished dinner. It's vacation - so we have plenty of time.

Cottages 1, 2, and 3: Stove, fully equipped kitchenette with dining table, bedroom with 3 single beds and 1 double bed.

Cabin 4 and 5: Stove, fully equipped kitchenette with dining table, bedroom with 2 double beds and 2 single beds, shower and WC.


We have several rowboats, kayaks and wooden boats that are available for free to all our guests. It's nice with a little walk out on the lake - whether you want to tempt the fish hatch or just take a quiet sightseeing. Life jackets are legally mandated to use for both adults and children. These are also available for free on request at reception.

Think that Oldevatnet is a letter and is very cold even in the middle of summer. We do not recommend bathing in boats, especially not lonely. However, a quick dip in the spring rocks can be very refreshing on a hot summer day.


Most people who visit us come to see the beautiful Briksdalen and Briksdalsbreen as tourists have done for almost 200 years here in Oldedalen.

Briksdal is 10 km from Gryta Camping at the end of the valley. Here you will find Cafè and Restaurang, souvenir shop and troll cars that can carry you almost the whole way up to Breen. You have to walk the last 500 meters.

On the way up to the glacier you wander through a mighty nature, surrounded by high mountains and waterfalls.


We who run Gryta Camping are original goat farmers, so the goats have got their natural place at the campsite as well. Here are two very social goat goats who have their own area - and some claim that they even speak English, German, Chinese and, most of all, the world's languages.

Play ground

The playground is right at the reception, and has among other tilt, swing rack, sandpit, trampoline - and own small tractor! Here the youngsters get to frolic freely.


The reception also serves as a kiosk with a living room, which is open from 08.00:22.00 in the morning to XNUMX:XNUMX in the high season.

Should it come a rainy day or two, it may be extra good to pull in to get the heat in and dry a little - or when the sun warms worst, then it may be good to pull in the shade. There is also a wireless network for those who need it. Many people send "travel letters" home, both via e-mail and other mail, written at a table here.

In the kiosk there is a simple selection of sweets, mineral water, soft drinks and ice cream, and of course a coffee machine with various temptations hot in the cup. We also have some basic items such as milk, eggs and simple cold cuts, and you can order fresh bread and rolls that can be picked up the next morning.

In the living room there is also a TV for those who want to bring the latest news - something that is very popular during the World Cup, Olympics, Tour de France and the like.

We care about our guests and set the security high. We have a Heart Starter available at reception.

Welcome to good holidays here welcome us!


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  • Full service period01.04-01.10
  • High Season01.04-01.10
  • Motorhome / caravan: Summer season only
  • Tent: Summer season only
  • Cottages: Summer season only
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Norway East West

  • Motorhome, caravan and tent pitches: 100
  • Cabins: 5
  • Bathroom adapted for the disabled: 1
  • WC: 9
  • Showers: 6
  • Family room: 1
  • Washbasins with hot water: 14