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Sandnes Fjord Camping

Sandnes Fjord Camping is located at E6 in Straumfjord in Nordreisa municipality, 10 km north of Storslett center. From Tromsø drive 23 mil / 230 km north, from Alta 16 mil / 160km south. To North Cape it is a day's journey by car (39 mil / 390 km). This is the perfect accommodation "in the middle of" the region's largest attractions (Tromsø, Alta, North Cape).

Sandnes Fjord Camping is located on the fjord, with good fishing opportunities. Chances are good for catching cod, saithe, sea trout and sea trout. The barbecue areas at the campsite provide the opportunity to grill fresh fish on the grill.

There is good opportunity for mountain hiking to eg. Fosselvfossen, or walks along the shoreline along the long fjord.

The Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights

Midnight Sun from 20. May to 20. July is a wonderful sight, which only needs to be experienced. The same with the Northern Lights winter season.


  • Accommodation in affordable one bedroom cabins from 2 - 5 beds
  • Accommodation in a caravan with Scandinavian quality up to 6 beds
  • tent Space
  • Space for caravan and caravan
  • Emptying toilet from caravan and caravan
  • Playgrounds, fishing, rest, possibility to take a bath in the sea, and walk in forests and fields
  • Electric space for caravan and motorhome

Each cottage has its nostalgic history. Cabins with space for 2 to 5 people. Great areas for motorhomes, caravans and tents. Sanitary facilities, children's playground equipment, fire pit at kiosk, and at other places in the campsite.

Sandnes Fjord Camping welcomes accommodation for small and large for shorter or longer periods ...

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