Cabin Camp Nordkapp

Nordkapp Caravan Camping is only 13 km from the North Cape plateau and 2 km away Skarsvåg. The campsite has a service building with reception, shower / wc and a small kitchen.

Parking right at the entrance. Standalone grillhut accommodate 15 / 20 people.

From the campsite there unobstructed view of the North Cape plateau and the midnight sun.


The campground is located in Skarsvåg - The world's northernmost fishing village. Skarsvåg is the last settlement and accommodation before Nordkapp. Here are several campsites and tourist hotels.

Skarsvåg is a typical fishing village with a picturesque harbor with many fishing and recreational boats. Property fishing industry, service facility for fishermen and Skarsvåg Tourist Center is located in the harbor. Walk on the piers that surround the harbor is popular. The same is hiking along the quays where you usually can see small schools of fish in the sea.

Many tourists and children try their luck fishing along the quays and from the piers. Skarsvåg it "green" instead of Magerøya, south facing with grassy hills / slopes and well-maintained grounds. Skarsvåg has, right from the tourist traffic began to Nordkapp, been heavily involved in this activity in all respects. Transport, guiding, serving, kiosk trade, souvenir production etc. are offers that Skarsvåg population has driven.


It is far more experiences in Nordkapp than just plateau

NCC is a perfect starting point for hikes in both the local area and for longer trips as the Blade Soul Lodden and Hornvika.

There are several good fishing waters near NCC. If you want to see birds at one of the largest nesting, we can help with space reserved for bird watching emanating from Gjesvær duration ca. 1,5 hour.

Visiting Skarsvåg Tourist Center are also popular. You can buy some souvenirs, coffee, soft drinks and something and eat. On the second floor is a small gallery showing pictures of the village. In fish tanks in front of the center can study the king crab movements. It can be recorded and kept in the hands of photography. The crabs are big with weight up to 5 -6 kilograms. This is very popular and in demand.

There are large paved parking space right at the center. It is possible and rent a boat for photography and fishing to the North Cape.

our cottages

10 modern cabins with shower / toilet and kitchen. The cabins have 4 sleeping in good beds.


Nice pitches for camper / caravan and camp on the lawn.

Welcome to Nordkapp Caravan Camping!

Contact information
Classification of cabins
Opening hours
  • Open: 15.05- 15.09
  • Full service period: 15.05- 15.09
  • High Season: 16.06- 15.08
  • Motorhome / caravan: Summer season only
  • Tent: Summer season only
  • Cottages: Summer season only
  • Caravan pitches: 10
  • Motorhome pitches: 40
  • tent Place: 35
  • Cabins: 26
  • WC: 8
  • Showers: 6
  • Washbasins with hot water: 12