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Cabins / fishermen's cottages:
Drop-in for RVs, trolleys or tents:
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Rental cabin / sea only summer
Rental pitches only summer
Rental season space only summer
summer Open
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Map Coordinates: 64.633770, 11.061750


+47 47 97 39 11
Aglen road 1478
7819 Fosslandsosen



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Aglen Camping

Are you among those who think camping and diving go hand in hand? Or do you like fishing, mountain walks or a lot of beautiful scenery? Then you should simply take a look at Aglen Camping to feel the search for a new camping trip :)
Out here in the ocean gorge, on the outside of Otterøya in Trøndelag, they can tempt you with wonderful natural experiences; You can go as far as to say there are no bad weather - just great opportunities for new camping experiences!

Aglen Camping is located at the far end of Otterøya, 40km from Namsos. Here there are many opportunities for hiking and nature experiences, fine fishing in freshwater and the sea, good diving conditions, boat rental, convenience store, playground with troll park and a modern sanitary facilities.


For those who enjoy walking in the woods and mountains have Otterøya much to offer. The 143 km2 big island is well wooded, and the mountains are many. A paradise for those who love the mountains and nature. The wildlife here on the coast is enormously rich. Havørna can see scout for fish and other switches, which is an amazing sight. Otterøya has Scandinavia's northern deer tribe, deer are often seen in the fields where the pastures. There are also opportunities to see moose and deer.

Troll Park and Fun Park

On Aglen Camping is a troll park with characters from folktales as "The 3 goats gruff". By troll park is also a play area with various play equipment where kids can frolic.


On Aglen Camping there is plenty of fine facilities for divers such as: boat, shower, kitchen, shelter and shop. It is also very good storage capacity for diving here on Aglen Camping. It is possible to rent boats or bring your own. Divers who have been here say that it is incredibly beautiful wall dives, rich marine life and extreme visibility. That there are opportunities for lots of nice scenery dives, and it is well with seafood! And it is largely just jump in anywhere and you will find something exciting and watch. It is also said that the diving here requires no special skills, that you can find something for all kinds of divers!


There are good opportunities for fishing here on spike, the most common species are cod, redfish and haddock. But there are also salmon, trout, halibut, mackerel, herring, etc. The yacht charters at the campsite, but you can also fish from the rocks.

Havfrua banqueting

The premises can accommodate 50stk. The premises are often used for company confirmations, birthday celebrations mm. By needs we set up package prices for renting mermaid with cabins for accommodation.
The premises can also be used as conference mm.

our cottages

The cabins are located a few hundred meters from the sea, the largest cabins located with panoramic views out over folla. Here from you can do things like watch steamer pass. The cabins are in from 2 4 to stars, and from 12m² and up to 54m² All cabins are equipped with a stove, refrigerator and kitchen utensils.

Welcome to Otterøya - welcome to Aglen Camping

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Service Offerings

caravans Pitches
tent Area
Booking of cottage / apartment / room is possible
Booking of pitches is possible
fixed Position
Dogs are welcome
Disabled rooms
family Bathroom
Utility Foam for emptying portable toilet system (Porta Potti)
Bathing facilities, max 5 km from site
Hiking trails
Suitable for fishing
Rental boats / canoes