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Torghatten with a height of 258 m. is best known for its distinctive hole, which runs right through the mountain. The hole is 160 meter, 35 meters high, and 20 meters wide. The hole was created during the Ice Age.

We recommend a stroll up to the hole - a trip that takes about 20-30 min.

Torghatten is named after its location on the island market and that it resembles a shape like a hat.

Horseman, The Seven Sisters, Vågakallen and Lekamøya?

You may have heard of these, but do not quite remember how this was connected? Here you can read the whole legend:

Vågakallen and Sulitjelma King each had their own sorrows. The first had the son Hestmannen who was disobedient, and the second 8 wild daughters. The king of Sulitjelma was strict and refused to let the daughters out. When he fell asleep one night, they still lurked. They wanted to go down to the coast to dance and swim in the moonlight. The horseman saw the sisters swimming in the sea at Landegode.

He fell in love with Lekamøya and decided to rob her the same night. In full armor and with a fluttering cloak around his shoulders, he chases south in a wild midnight ride. The bathing sisters catch sight of him and flee south as hard as they can. Exhausted, the seven sisters give up and throw themselves on the island of Alsten while the eldest flees on. In a huge leap, she jumps over Velfjord to Brønnøy just as the robber approaches the Arctic Circle. Now it becomes hopeless for the Horseman. He sees that he can not reach her again.

Then he decides that instead of her escaping, he will see her dead. Around the mountains, the trolls sit and watch in excitement on the wild hunt. The king of Sømnafjellet by Brønnøysund - Skarsfjellgubben - also sits up and looks forward under the hat brake on what is going on while the day begins to give the clouds a golden tinge.

When Skarsfjellgubben sees that the Horseman is following his bow, he throws his hat in the road just as the arrow is on its way to Lekamøya. The arrow hit the hat and it fell on the square just south of Brønnøysund with a large hole through, while the arrow changed direction and fell into the sea at Vikna. Lekamøya took a giant leap and landed on Leka. There she stumbled and lost the mouse butter can she was carrying with her.

The mouse butter ran out over the mountains on the northwest side of Leka. Hence the yellow color of the mountains. Lekamøya got to the southern tip of Leka before the sun shone and everyone turned to stone, and can be seen to this day.

  • Lekamøya on its way south, stands like a small peak and can be seen when traveling along the Lekafjord.
  • Torghatten - with the marked hole - is a famous mountain and sailing mark to the south Brønnøysund.
  • The seven sisters sit together and look out over Sandnessjøen and the surrounding area.
  • The horseman stands on the island Hestmannøy which is located just below the Arctic Circle. The king of Sulitjel reigns high inside the Swedish border in the heart of Salten.
  • Vågakallen guards his riches at Henningsvær in Lofoten.


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