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  • The trip up to the pulpit


Lysefjorden is a 42 km long fjord which at its deepest is 422 m. Fjord is mostly known for Pulpit Rock bolt.


Pulpit is one of Norway's most visited nature attractions. Both the spectacular views, the impressive shape, but also the good accessibility from Preikestolhytta are probably important reasons why this place has become so popular.

Pulpit (Pulpit) is a mountain plateau on the north side of the Lysefjord in Ryfylke in Rogaland. Pulpit Rock is one of Norway's most visited natural attractions. Both the spectacular views, the imposing shape, but also the good availability of Preikestolhytta is enough important reasons why this place has become so popular.

The plateau is almost entirely flat and is about 25 25 mx m wide. It rises about 600 m and from here you have a wonderful view over the Lysefjord and the surrounding areas.

Probably was this plateau created by frost for about 10.000 years ago. A deep crack runs across the plateau, and helps to confirm theories about how the plateau was created.

The walk up to the plateau is a fantastic trip, and takes about 2 hours each way from the parking lot at Preikestolhytta (unsuitable for stroller / wheelchair). There is much good to look at along the walk, so it is wise to calculate good time. Good shoes are required, and for many it can also be fooled by wandering poles to lean on.

Many people choose to add more days on a visit to this area and use then feel the first day to the Pulpit Rock and the next day to Rock.


Kjerag is another mountain plateau in the south of the Lysefjord. The magnificent view from the edge of the mountain, where the wall goes 1000 meters straight down, helps to confirm why this is a favorite tourist destination.

To get to Kjerag take Lyse road up to Øygardstølen. This is a winter road closure, may the way out in June. If in doubt please contact Vegmeldingstjenesten on phone 175. By Øygardstølen there is a large paying car park and toilet facilities.

Kjeragbolten is a 5 m³ big stone that has wedged in a crack about 900 m. The toughest climbs down on the stone, and have enough of it got a memory for life - and probably the tour's toughest picture if you have with companions who can capture the experience.

The place is also a favorite utsprangspunkt for base jumpers.

Normally heading up about 2 hours.

Good trip!

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