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Text and photo: ARNE LUNDE
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 3. June 2014

Wide open and precipitous

The Stavanger region with its 300.000 inhabitants is Norway's third largest urban region. In addition to the city of Stavanger, the region also includes Sandnes and Jæren. If we include all this, it will be a very multifaceted experience map that is drawn.

Jæren's flat landscape and endless sandy beaches stand in stark contrast to the steep mountain sides of the Lysefjord, which reach an altitude of 1000 meters with Preikestolen and Kjerag as the most famous tourist destinations. Both parts can be experienced within a few hours starting in Stavanger. From Vågen, the city's vibrant center, there is a steady stream of sightseeing boats into the Lysefjord and out to the flower island Flor & Fjære in the summer. If you choose a car and drive south, it is only a matter of minutes before you find yourself on the harsh farmland where grazing cows and sets of freshly cut hay dominate.


Nordsjøvegen, ranging from Kristiansand to Karmøy, goes along Jærens harsh coastal strip and is far preferable to the European road further inland if there are natural landscapes that are important. The stretch from Ogna to Bore, a distance of about four mil, has been National Tourist and has numerous attractions to offer. Guys have played an important role in Jæren and along the tourist route is a series of lighthouses that are open to the public. Obrestad and Kvassheim are among the best known. Out at sea thrones Feistein guy, clearly visible from large parts of North Jæren.

Long sandy beaches

In Jæren find Norway's longest beaches. They are well attended, not only by sunbathers and beach happy summer but all year long of people who enjoy nature and by surfers and kiters. Therefore, it is not uncommon to experience stocked parking spaces adjacent to the beaches, even in winter. Snow settles rarely so far the North Sea, so everything is set for hike also in December and January. And truth be told; bath temperature is rarely very high in these parts, even in July and August.


Whether it's the mountain that lures, then you Jæren have something to offer there too. Høg Jæren rises just a few kilometers from the North Sea beaches, and a variety of marked hiking trails invite hiking in the wide open landscape. If that is not very high above sea level, one gets nevertheless alpine feeling because it does not grow trees naturally in the harsh landscape.

Camping people welcome

Stavanger region offers numerous campsites, many with close proximity to the sea and seemingly endless sandy beaches. For the urban it Stavanger camping Mosvangen and Sandnes cabins and camping in Vølstadskogen applicable. There is only one NCC Top Camping in the region, namely Brusand Camping. It is in turn named the year's top camping in 2012 and is very popular both among permanent pitch and of rushing people. «Brusand keeps style" was the title of a report iCaravan nr4 / 2013 and which confirmed the positive impression. Kari and Sigmund Qvalbein driver space and has reason to be proud of what it has developed from 1990 and until today.

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