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By: Odd Gunnar Nordengen
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 2 April 2022

Travel tip: Hedmarksvidda all year round

About a mile from Hamar, lies Gåsbu - the gateway to Hedmarksvidda. Spend a night in the motorhome or caravan there this autumn; you will not be disappointed.

Hedmarksvidda is a fantastic nature and recreation area with Østerdalen in the east, Hedmarksbygdene in the west and Sjusjøen in the north. Vidda offers wild and in some places untouched nature, forest, open landscape, mountain peaks above and below the tree line, mountain lakes, rivers and waterfalls, huts and old seat houses. There are good opportunities for picking mushrooms and berries here. In the summer season, the road is connected to Østerdalen and there is an all-year road to Gudbrandsdalen from Bringbu. In winter, the areas are an eldorado with top-groomed trails in a terrain that suits all age groups and fitness levels. Several cabins offer food and drink.

Well marked

Hedmarksvidda is a favorite hiking destination, both in summer and winter. Well-marked roads, footpaths and trails help to create a sense of security that many people both seek and demand. And the tour options are many and varied. While families with small children and people who are not in such good shape choose a trip along the dirt roads, those who wish can embark on discoveries lasting several days.


There are several gateways to Hedmarksvidda, but for most people Gåsbu is the natural starting point. Here there is a large car park with space for 750 cars. There are also good parking options along the roads into the mountains. Passing the toll booth at Gåsbu costs NOK 70, which can easily be paid online. Invoices sent later by mail/in the post have a small surcharge. At Gåsbu, a three-km-long nature trail has been laid out, which is easily accessible and well laid out with shelters, campfires and lookout towers. Good accessibility for prams.

Toboggan runs

In winter, there is also a ski-play area with a floodlit toboggan run, right next to the car park.

Neither at Gåsbu nor in the mountains are there special facilities for camping tourism. There is a toilet in a closed cafe building by the car park, but otherwise no electricity or other services. A lack of so-called "campsite facilities", however, should not be an obstacle to visiting this great hiking area - and that applies to all seasons. At Puttsjøen, three kilometers north from Gåsbu, there are facilities for wheelchair users.

Hunting and fishing

Two larger rivers, six lakes and water, many smaller rivers and streams. Trout is the most common type of fish, but there are also waters with char. Very good cultivation work with liming and release of fish has resulted in good recaptures. Access to most lakes and waterways is easy via the forest road network. The local hunting and fishing association, together with the Vang public and the landowners' association, has created a map combined with the information you need about hunting and fishing. Here also information about renting boats, cabins, cabins and other practical matters related to the mountain. The 220-acre area belonging to Vang Almenning consists of forests, marshes and mountains. This means a rich bird and animal life with a large number of different species. Therefore, there are many hunting opportunities, which interested parties can read more about by looking up Vang jakt og fiskeforening (VJFF) at or direct a request at the address

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