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Text: Knut Randem, Source: Norwegian Road Administration
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 3 June 2022

Tourist road projects for 2022

Viewing platforms on the edge of Vøringsfossen, stepping stones in the water's crust or a service building that shines like a lantern towards the ocean. 11 new projects will be completed this year.

Through targeted work for almost 30 years, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration has ensured that the National Tourist Routes have become an attraction with international appeal. Here, road users get service at the same time as the experience of innovative architecture and thought-provoking art in beautiful nature. Not all the attractions are equally well adapted to visitors in motorhomes when the traffic is heavy.

The arrangement for tourist road holidays by car from Jæren in the south to Varanger in the north contributes to value creation in the tourism industry in line with the purpose of the investment, the Norwegian Road Administration writes in a press release.

11 architectural measures

During 2022, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration will complete 11 new architectural measures. With that, the number of completed tourist road projects at the end of 2022 will be 172. Here are this year's new ones:

Trælvikosen, the coast of Helgeland, and a rest area with stepping stones on the shore. Trælvikosen with its 55 laid stepping stones takes the visitor across the sandy bottom in a precise line from the beach out towards a small islet and the view towards Torghatten. The stepping stones mark a tide line; fully visible at low tide and completely gone at high tide. The new space also contains a car park, tables with benches and a path between the car park and the stepping stones.

Tyrvefjøra, Hardanger

 Toilet at the rest area by the fjord

In a small bay outside Ålvik along the Hardangerfjord, the rest area Tyrvefjøra is getting a service building no one has seen before. The distinctive structure consists of two separate toilets under a large roof that seems to float in the landscape. Trees with their trunks and roots are used for the outer walls of the toilets. By building the toilet as part of the landscape, the architects want to emphasize what they call the intimate and almost secret qualities of the space.

Espenes, Hardanger

Rest area with viewing pavilion and toilet

In the mighty fjord landscape, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is building a modern tourist road facility with a good view north of the Sørfjorden. The facility's distinctive feature is a 64 meter long and 4 meter wide steel roof structure with 12 roof modules at different heights, held up by steel columns. Under the roof there will be seating and a service building with three toilets and a disabled toilet.

Flesefossen, Ryfylke 

Rest area with toilet

Along national road 13 between Nesflaten and Røldal, where Flesefossen descends the mountainside, a concrete platform will be established which will support a longitudinal construction in steel and wood and offer good resting opportunities and a great view of the waterfall. The new toilet is incorporated into the construction. The project also includes seating areas in the terrain and parking for eight cars and two buses.

Hamningberg, Varanger

Bird watching shelter and sea view

The new birdwatching shelter in Hamningberg is located along the large bird migrations that follow the Norwegian coast and makes Hamningberg and northern Varanger a popular stopping point for migratory birds and birdwatchers. The shelter provides shelter and offers a great view of the sea. The outer facade is flame-treated against weather and wind, while the inside is clad with driftwood from Varanger. Skjulet i Hamningberg is a new contribution to strengthening Varanger as a travel destination with bird watching, unique nature and exciting culture as means of action, and which, according to analyses, contributes to strong value creation in the region.

Sundshopen, Helgeland coast

Rest area with toilet and spring

In the lush landscape of Sømna on the Helgeland coast, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is building a new atmospheric rest area with springs. The spring, or stone pier, stretches 65 meters from the beach out onto the shore. The vorren is made in traditional craftsmanship with lathed stone boxes and with stone slabs as a cover. A new, modern service building, large car park and path down to the picnic area by the beach make Sundshopen complete.

Sloop, Aurlandsfjellet

Parking, rest and path to waterfall

A parking pocket along the narrow and winding fv. 243 will be developed into a rest area with four parking spaces and two seating areas. The rest area is bounded by a natural stone wall. A path with stone steps laid in the terrain leads down to Erdalselvi, with a couple of seats along the path and a bench in the forest. From here you can continue on paths to Sluppefossen.

Madland harbour, Jæren

Rest area with toilet and storm cabin

A parking lot with a 180-degree view of the North Sea will be created on a small embankment above the harbour. The service building will have two toilets and will be clad in a special facade that lets light through. In the landscape, the building shines like a lantern. Down in the harbor, a storm cabin will be built that takes up the design language of the existing boathouses.

Måbø bridge, Hardangervidda

Rest area and photo point

Måbø bridge is a stone vault bridge from 1910 over the river Bjoreio in Måbødalen. It was taken out of use when the new route for national highway 7 was ready in 1986, and is a protected cultural monument. In the bridge area, the old picnic furniture is replaced with new benches on a round, fenced-in seating area. From here, a path is built up to a safe vantage point with the waterfall and bridge as an exciting photo motif.

Brunstranda, Lofoten

Rest area with toilet and view

The new service building will consist of toilets, a technical room and a conservatory that provides shelter and a view of the ocean. In connection with the service building, there will be bicycle parking, a moloch for waste management and furniture on the underside of the building.

Vøringsfossen, Hardangervidda

Viewing platforms, path and toilet

In the summer of 2022, tourists will be able to experience Vøringsfossen and Måbødalen on safe viewing platforms and paths at Fossetromma; the mountain plateau located on the lower side of Vøringsfossen. The walk from Fossli over the stair bridge to the drum will then be complete. This facility will be supplemented with a toilet of the same standard and capacity as at Fossli during the autumn/winter. has discussed several of the projects continuously. The projects above must be completed during 2022.

Text: Knut Randem,

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