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Text: Sven Furuly, Photo: Sven Furuly, Simona Vatanen and Z-Museum
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 1 February 2020

The museum in Treungen: A journey through Norwegian transport history

Anyone who restores and owns older vehicles manages part of our historical heritage. Some, however, go much further and decide to create a museum to show and document history - as the Ziener Thronsen family has done at Treungen in Telemark.

On his farm from the 1700th century on the Treungen in Telemark, the Ziener Thronsen family has for generations collected unique cultural and historical treasures from several centuries. All this has kept the family in mind for one day being able to open a museum where visitors can join in on a journey back in time and get a sense of what it was like to live in Norway, 50, 100, or maybe 200 years ago . These thoughts came to fruition when Johan Ziener Thronsen bought a building of 10 m1500 and 2 meters of land ten years ago. In addition, a magazine of a further 10 m300 has been built to create the "Z-Museum", where communication in Norway gets a central place.

12, May 12, 2012

The work went on for several years, but at 12 noon on May 12, 2012, the doors opened for the very first time. Then, as now, we got to see a varied exhibition with something for everyone, and ever since the opening in 2012, parts of the exhibition have been replaced regularly - and we find new and exciting objects that justify a new trip to Treungen. For those interested in vehicles, it may be the large collection of cars, mopeds and motorcycles that stretches all the way back to the 1900th century, when trolleys, sledges and horse-drawn carriages were responsible for the transport of roads and streets before them, which creates the greatest engagement.

telephone History

However, communication is much more than this, and not least the phone's history has gained a great deal of space in this museum. From Treungen also comes another passionate collector, Olav Dalen Zahl. During his life, he has built up an almost incomprehensible collection of telephone sets, telecommunications and and everything related to the development of the telephone in Norway for nearly 150 years. Even the latest manual telephone exchange in Treungen has got its place in this museum.


Everything related to transport is solidly documented at this museum. Many people may have wondered what was going to happen to the large collection of classic wooden bicycles that belonged to the bicycle workshop "Den Rustne Eike" in Oslo, which was closed down ten years ago. The answer can be found at the Z-Museum, together with toys, steam engines, clothes, shoes and furniture from the last 150 years. One of Norway's largest collections of oriental rugs is also worth a trip to Treungen, not to forget a 1000-1200 year old log boat. This "hollow wooden boat" was found in Nisser, and the fact that Zeiner Thronsen has been allowed to manage this cultural treasure in his museum, shows the trust the authorities have in the museum's quality, operating model and visions for the future.

Many visits

Initially, the museum was open year-round, but now it's winter closed. As a funny note, every guest number 1000 was rewarded with a bottle of champagne and free entrance to the museum. This custom is still ongoing, and in September 2019, the guest received 44 since opening the surprising gift. Also, the parking lot at the museum can offer experiences out of the ordinary. During the warm season, the Z-Museum is regularly visited by both Norwegian and foreign car and motorcycle clubs. Amcars, older sports cars or historic veterans thus help create even greater diversity than you find inside the museum's walls.


The tree house is idyllically situated by Nisser, and the Z-Museum has its own rich souvenir shop, café and post office. Combined with large outdoor areas make this a visit for the whole family. The museum has its own website, where you will find useful information about the museum's opening hours, collections, etc. For the 2020 season, the doors will open until Easter. We find four good campsites in and around Treungen, and with its location in the heart of Telemark, there are also many other sights within a short driving distance.

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