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Text and photo: Magne Reigstad
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 1 February 2018

Bye to Hardanger

Add plenty of driving time, because here is a good place to hang out, ask for a clear and clear sky and you're ready for the detour to beautiful Hardanger. But it's something special to go there when the orchards are at its lushest.

We follow the highway 7 from Bergen towards Hardanger, and turn in and out on number 48 just after the Hagatunnel. Then steer clear of the new tunnel and follow the old road along the bustling Tysse river until you reach the Samnangerfjord. This is the first stop of the trip - Ytre-Tysse, Tusenårsstaden in Samnanger municipality. The river created the industrial site and the brand Safa, stockings that have dressed up the feet of the Norwegian people for a couple of generations.


Take a seat on the bench in the Millennium Park, let your gaze sweep over the fjord mirror, turn back time well over 100 years while you listen to a composition signed by Eilert Tøsse, the village's great composer's son. See for your inner eye that out on the fjord are large tourist boats at anchor. Guests are transported in lifeboats to the pier. Farmers in Sunday clothes help dressed women in dresses and men in suits in the karjols. The travelers are transported across the mountains to Norheimsund and Hardanger where the cruise ship awaits them. Ytre-Tysse was once a famous place on the tourist map.

We are moving further around the gardens and housewives until we enter the standard standard and continue towards Eikelandsosen. But lower the speed when the sign Holmefjord shows up, feel good, because soon after comes a great view. The western Norwegian fjords are magnificent, also the fjord landscapes that have not gained status as world heritage.

Everything for the camping people

Eikelandsosen is a village center in Fusa municipality, and there is a complete drainage system for campers and opportunities to suspect mountain-water drinking water. Close by is a shopping center. Some municipalities have realized that it is smart to take good care of the motorhome people.

We head towards Mundheim, the border country to Hardanger. Here the roadmakers have created a lovely resting place, with proper tolatter for those who do not want to bring along. And here it is possible to cool your toes in refreshing fjord water on a tiny beach.

We move on to Norheimsund. The road is rather narrow, also according to West Norway's scale, but Norwegian campers are equipped with big mirrors and good drivers. Fjordalangs, one can see that Hardanger lives in other than blue skies, snowy mountains and fruit. Salmon farming has been an important industry for decades long before the rich politicians began to talk about aquaculture as the "new oil".

Invisible celebrities

We come to Oma and pass a shipyard - Fjelstrand AS, pioneer industry here too. The yard builds vessels in Norwegian aluminum and in steel. The whole world is their market both for useful ships, and in their time as a manufacturer of high-end luxury boats. This is a business that is included in the hour. Here they designed and built the world's first battery-powered ferry. Knowledge industry on top shelf, many years ahead of what is now called the green shift in transport.

We roll on, along well-stocked buildings, modernly landscaped orchards and pass the sign indicating Fosse. True guess, here he is born Norway's award-winning and world-famous dramatist Jon Fosse. An equally great celebrity with the deepest roots in Kvam municipality is Crown Princess Mette Marit. That's why she with a good conscience can have a Hardanger bunad in the closet at Skaugum.

fruit blossoming

The fruit blossom in Hardanger is a tourist attraction, and therefore we meet many coaches, usually at the narrowest points of the road. However - the last miles to the node Norheimsund we cruise away on the road, compensated for toll charges. Just before the center is Hardanger Shipyards Center. Crafts, shipbuilding tradition and restoration of veritable clerics - a professional environment that is unique, and the center thinks it's nice people to come by. Here miracles are accomplished with the most abandoned vessels. The maritime ring has ended, from high-tech to woodwork.

Wet in the hair

Before the journey continues into Hardanger, take a trip up to the Steinsdalsfossen. Guests of all ages think it is nice to get wet in the hair below the waterfall thundering down in the valley floor where the masses are tamed to an idyllic, quiet river. The waterfall has a fall of 50 meters and is not one of Hordaland's best-known, but it does a lot of it. The trail is set with secure fences right up to the viewing platform. Here there is well-organized parking for all types of vehicles.

twin Bygder

Norheimsund and Øystese are two densely populated areas, and for generations there have been countless local verbal facts about where new buildings will be built or old laid down. Raised by this kind are two unavoidable visitor destinations in the island of Øystese - the Kabuso and Ingebrigt Vik Museum, both gathered under the umbrella of Hardanger and Voss Museum.

Local performance

Decent parking close to the museums, and here the eye catches the village's latest cultural growth, what is popularly called the "silo". The gray building is Hardanger Sky Space signed James Turrell, a world name who has also made an installation in Ekebergparken in Oslo. You will go into this work of art to, among other things, look at the starry sky, and thus create your own experience. The artwork is closed in the brightest season. Check online what this artist has created elsewhere on the globe. Then it is easier to understand that it is a bit of a feat to have a work by Turrell erected in Øystese. And then just continue along highway 7 to Indre Hardanger.

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