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Campingportalen on tour in the summer of 2020 - part 4
Text and photos: Campingportalen / Fortunaweb AS

Campingportalen on tour in the summer of 2020 - part 4

After 2,5 weeks on the move in beautiful Norwegian nature, exciting tourist attractions and many great camping experiences, the trip had come to set the course even further south. Kristiansand Holiday Center was to be our base for the next 10 days, and everything was in place for great days in the cheerful Sørland.

Kristiansand Holiday Center

With relatives well established at Kristiansand Feriesenter, the choice of campsite in the Kristiansand area falls naturally, but it is also reinforced by the fact that this is a great place with "order in things". The only downside to the space is that on many of the plots you are not allowed to set up an awning, only an awning. This can be a bit troublesome when rain and wind come - and it does relatively often here on the sunny coast. Large amounts of precipitation and wind can be a challenge for the awnings, but without an awning, everything from chairs and tables will also get classy wet.

A great base for excursions

Filling the days with exciting activities is not a problem when you have camped at Kristiansand Holiday Center. The kids can take part in children's activities on weekdays, here there are good employees who, among other things, dish up both crab fishing competition, water slide competition and football tournament.

Inside the campsite you will find a great football bin, volleyball court and a large play area with water slide. A beautiful sandy beach is right next to the campsite and on the piers the boats are close together.

Great visit

With the Crown Prince and Crown Princess vacationing out on one of the nearest islands outside the campsite, you can be lucky to meet both royals and those who are responsible for the safety of the royal family in the immediate area around the campsite. The evening we arrived in Kristiansand we were crowned with a boat trip out to see the royal ship that had taken a trip to these areas. Maybe it was the birthday celebration that was on the agenda out there as well, just as it did for us.

The king of the sea

When a king at sea had traveled on to familiar waters, the trip was to visit another king who operates in far more turbulent waters.

The black-clad gentleman in Dyreparken in Kristiansand is without a doubt one of the big draws for the park, but they also have many other exciting things to offer. Here you can get close to both animals that normally live in Norwegian nature and animals that are far more exotic. It will be a great animal experience anyway.

The moose were certainly interested in us, and we were well really quite fascinated by those we also ...

A contact-seeking Geopard is not commonplace ...

Summer 2020 - a great "different summer"

After 4 weeks on the road, the time had come to put the snout back home. The "Different Holiday" 2020 was immediately over. Many people probably got to experience a holiday in Norway for the first time in many years. Hopefully, many were pleasantly surprised by all the great things our country has to offer. 

Many campsites report a "record summer", while others have experienced a summer season with much fewer visits than usual.

What will happen in the summer of 2021 is too early to say, but we encourage more people to be tourists in their own country. With a motorhome, a caravan in tow or a tent in your luggage, you can enjoy all parts of Norway without too much planning if you want to (and stay away from the most popular places). You will also find beautiful cabins all over the country from the North Cape in the north to Lindesnes in the south.

Up in the menu under "Find campsite" you will find links to many exciting attractions and places that are worth a visit.

The experiences are in line and waiting for you - we hope to see you at a campsite in 2021 !!

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