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Campingportalen on tour in the summer of 2020 - part 3
Text and photos: Campingportalen / Fortunaweb AS

Campingportalen on tour in the summer of 2020 - part 3

A fantastic week on Norsjø holiday land was over, and the Telemark coast is big now for the trip. A few hours after check-out from Norsjø, we could, albeit with a slightly high pulse, roll into Lovisenberg Familiecamping which has a great location in the skerries right by Kragerø.

Lovisenberg Family Camping

Lovisenberg Familiecamping is located at the end of the approximately 4 km long Lovisenbergveien. Fortunately, check-out was long overdue, because the road is narrow and winding and not suitable for 2 large vehicles that meet. Here, as in many other places, it is important to follow the rules for check-in and check-out.

Once inside the campsite, we were allocated a beautiful plot with plenty of space for a caravan and awning. The campsite extends over a large area where both permanent pitches and overnight pitches are beautifully located in the terrain with bumps and bumps. Many of the pitches also have a beautiful view of the sea.

Inside the square there was both a small shop, restaurant, mini golf, playground, a great pool area and a beach with a volleyball court. In addition to this, Kragerø is only a few kilometers away, so this is really a holiday idyll you can easily stay for both 1 and 2 weeks.


Kragerø is only a few minutes drive from Lovisenberg Familiecamping, and has a bustling life in the summer. If you want to leave the car, it is also possible to order a taxi boat. Inside Kragerø there are both grocery stores and a fish shop, so good ingredients for the evening's barbecue are no problem to find.


Risør is a short drive from Kragerø, but is definitely worth a visit. Cozy shopping streets, great restaurants and a bustling crowd. We chose to take a trip to Risør aquarium, which is Sørlandet's only saltwater aquarium.

Here they have open tubs with fish and sea animals, and the children are given a cup with some shrimp waste with which they can feed the fish. As an added bonus for the little ones, they have set up a large tub where the children can fish for crabs. Laces and bait are ready, so here it is just to enjoy.


The little zoo

With a little gray summer weather, there was a need for some indoor activities, and Den Lille Dyrehage on Brokelandsheia can offer both indoor and outdoor experiences in its small zoo. And yes, it is small, but has some real goodies to offer. In the Rainforest we met many beautiful monkeys, crocodiles, birds and fish. The monkeys seemed to be as curious about us as we were about them, where they jumped between the trees and jumped around on the fences right next to us, so that we got really close contact with the animals.

In a separate part you could also go through a snake jungle which in addition to snakes had many beautiful butterflies. Some of us probably went a little faster through this part than the others did ...


With pirates in sight

After many beautiful days in Kragerø's archipelago, the trip had come to go even further south. In the distance we thought as far as we could tell any majestic schooners. Some cannons slammed, and there was certainly not a stately black-clad man on board. A little further away we could sense another ship at sunset. But was it not itself ... yes it was!

The next part of our trip to Norway will be announced in a few days!

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