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Text and photo: Kristin Smedsrud
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 1 February 2018

Summer hits in the Concorde club: The gang who enjoys the bob scene on the top shelf

The sun has broken through the skylight over Aurdal Camping. We are visiting the Concorde Club Summer Reaction. Club Concorde Norway is a motorhome club for camping enthusiasts and travel-minded individuals with travel fever in the blood. 50 exclusive donations have taken place along the waterfront in a completely new area of ​​the campsite. The club has 10's anniversary this year and it must be duly marked.

At Aurdal Camping, I am greeted by a gentle rocker Ove Strøm, chairman of Club Concorde Norway. This was a bit of a collection- I open the conversation. "Yes," replies Ove, "" It is increasing and we have never been as many as here now. "-  How often do you meet? - "We have hits three times a year. It's Easter, sky break and autumn hits. During Easter we are often in Strømstad, but last year we were in Frederikshavn. Himmelfartstreffen is always carried out at the Aschback factory in Germany. There often gather over 300 members, "- says Ove. "And now you are here in Aurdal?" "Yes, this is really great. Beautiful scenery, quiet and calm along the water and so we have got this whole area for ourselves, "- he confirms.


- Can you tell me a little about how the club was established? "It was Bjørn Arild Rake who started the Club Concorde, with a desire to gather the environment. In the first few years we only communicated with each other by mail. In 2011, I thought it was time that we came together and established our first hit. So in 2012 / 2013, Bjørn Arild left me as a new leader. But I do not like to call me then, "he flies. -How many members do you have?  - "We are now 350. Among these, we also have some Swedish and Dutch members. It is a large environment in Norway, in relation to the population. There are similar clubs in Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany, which has five members, "said Ove proudly.

The car in the luggage

These are exclusive and expensive buses. Who is the typical owner of a Concorde? - "Most are good adult couples where the kids have moved out, but there are also some children's families. A new Concorde costs from approx. two million and upwards and it's a high investment, "- adds Ove. -What do you get for that price? - «A lot of comfort,» - grins Ove. The models are built on truck chassis e.g. from Iveco and Man. They have large water tanks, water closet, shower and separate septic tank. The heating is based on gas and supplies radiators and underfloor heating with circulating hot water. In addition, there is the possibility of solar panels on the roof. Lots for equipment freaks. - "You can camp on the Hardangervidda in minus 40 degrees. Most models have their own garage at the back with space for small cars. Convenient when driving around locally in places you visit. A full fridge is important ", Ove adds and we burst out laughing.

Super Luxury Bus

How did you become the owner of a Concorde? - "It started seven years ago." - Ove tells about the story as owner of a number of different cars. From four converted Chevy Vans to a totally converted bus. - "We tore out all the fittings and installed tanks and water closets, beds and kitchen utensils. It was "a Scania Cruiser," he adds. "" When the kids became big and would not be with us anymore, we bought a camper. It became too tight, so we bought an even bigger motorhome. An impulse purchase we deleted was not satisfied with. Later we found the dream car, a Concorde Carisma 2006 and rolling around in it still, "- Ove smiles happy and adds that the next car will be even bigger - it will be our retirement car.

Fair sponsor

We walk around the square where people have gathered to enjoy the fine afternoon sun. A gang has settled down outside one of the donations. Here is the moody and cold white wine. Ove says that the importer Arve Opsahl AS is a very easy sponsor who always sets up. They have their own representative here at the meeting and tonight organized is the big team where we celebrate the 10 anniversary celebrations. - "Do you want to inspect one of the biggest models here?" - asks Ove. "" I saw that Svein was in and would certainly like to receive a visit. "-

For feinschmeckers

We leave the smoothies and go up to one of the biggest Concords where Svein invites you to a visit. It's just heaven with your eyes all the expectation. - What model is this? Svein proudly says this is a Concorde Liner Plus - the only top model. Built on the Mercedes 15 ton chassis, here is the driving license class C that applies. We settle down in comfortable leather chairs. - Is this their first car? - "No, we have had three Concorde before this donation came in July 2016. - We picked this up at the factory. Built according to our specifications and wishes, says Svein. Can I ask about the price tag? - "Oh, it's on about 4,3 million. For us this is our second home and will spend half the year here. We sold the house and the company and retired. So now we have a small apartment in Son and one in Spain. We drove around Spain and several countries throughout last winter and were at the World Cup in Skiskyting in Ruhpolding. Now we have been north of Norway and the next goal is Trysil before Spain again in the winter. "-

Passenger Garage

The interior is gorgeous in light cream colors, studded with dark contrasting colors. A large flat screen hangs on the wall above the driver's seat and there are integrated lights and spots in the ceiling that can be dimmed. We look around while Svein talks about air conditioning with separate zones in bedrooms and living rooms. Integrated awnings on all windows and exterior led lighting around the entire bus. - "Great when backing up or walking outdoors in the dark," - Svein explains.

The kitchen and bathroom are elegant and well-equipped. There is absolutely nothing left here. At the back we find the bedroom with a huge king size. "" Better underneath the car garage, shall we go out and take a look? "- says Svein, pointing to the bed. Outside, Karin opens up the tailgate where a little Fiat appears. "It's so convenient to use it" - says Karin. - "If we have found a good place to go, we will not lose it when we can take this car. Nice for shopping and sighinging, for example, in small Italian villages and other places with poorer accessibility. "

More news

It is nearing the celebration of the evening and people flowing towards the party room. It has been an experience to see another dimension of the bob scene. Far above what most people can imagine when talking camping. And importers brought even more news and even more luxury, if possible, from Concorde at this year's Caravan Fair.

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