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Text and photo: JØRGEN E. snow
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 6. November 2014

Out to sea: Helgeland summertime

A journey along the coastal highway can be one of life's great experiences. Coastal Highway FV17, starting just north of Steinkjer and extends to Løding just east of Bodø. And passing the place where poet-priest Petter Dass inspiration.

A journey along this stretch of coast is tempered by nature, and the experience influenced by the weather, which can be very fascinating. It applies only to have appropriate clothing and to utilize the opportunities that you get along the way. A Rainy Day out at sea where coalfish willing bites and fish box becomes full can become as great today as if the sun had fried. When one has come back on land, and get cleaned fish and has been fishing the pan on the heat. Then it is just to enjoy the warmth in the camper or caravan it's a little chilly out while the food gets finished. It's great to gather around the dinner table with fresh fish and delicious fish soup.

Rock city

The journey turns into the plank town of Namsos, which is also called the rock town with Rock City Namsos. On 11.11.11 at 11, Rock City opened, which houses the experience center for Trønderrock. Namsos Camping is a great place located by the river Namsen which is considered Norway's best salmon river. This is a great NBCC Top Campground with nice flat plots with permanent cover, beautiful cabins and a newly renovated swimming area. Further inland, the road meets the sea at Kongsmoen in the innermost part of the Inner fold. The highlands can be a highlight of the trip for those who love revues. The NM is revived here in July every year. On this stretch you cross the county border between Nord-Trøndelag og Nordland.


After you got to experience some dramatic scenery, with steep mountains and extremely narrow fjords come to the coastal national road first of six ferry crossings. The ferry starts from the boat ferry Holm and crosses Bindalsfjorden to bring us ashore on Vennesund. At the ferry port is a great campsite Vennesund Brygge og Camping. There is opportunity to rent a vessel to get farther out in the archipelago, perhaps to try your luck. Always remember to take your life jacket, do not leave it in the boat.


After driving through Brønnøysund to cross the strait that connects Tilremfjorden and Torgfjorden so that you can get to the island Torget. From the top of the bridge there is a super view. The best starting point for trips in the area is Torghatten Camping and Strandrestaurant. The campsite appeared on all television screens when the storm cleared almost everything that had been built up on the campsite. Now the place has re-emerged to a new and even better standard. From the campsite you have many hiking opportunities on foot or per. bike in the local area. Right outside the gate to the campsite, the ascent to the hole in Torghatten starts. Climbing up to enter this huge hole that nature has created gives one of the absolutely great experiences you get during this journey. Or maybe it was not nature that created the hole if you read the legend of the troll mountains on Helgeland.

living legends

The legend is told from generation to generation, a short version is as follows: It was a warm nice summer evening, and the Sulitjelma king's seven wild daughters and their friend Lekamøya bathed in the sea this late summer evening off the island Landegode north of Bodø. This was seen by the disobedient Horseman, the son of Vågakallen where he sat in the middle of his kingdom on Austvågøy. As night approached, the Horseman sat down on horseback to get hold of Lekamøya, which he had long been in love with. These set off running down the coast through the night, exhausted, the seven sisters together on Alsten, while Lekamøya managed to continue. . The horseman sees that he does not catch her again, so he puts an arrow in the bow and shoots. Dønnamannen sees this and throws his hat in between, the arrow hits the hat that falls into the sea. At the same time the sun ran over the horizon and all the trolls turned to stone. The whole route is full of legends and stories, in addition, the region is very historic with ancient kings and Viking chiefs. It is also rich in stories and memorials from World War II.


After the journey has continued from Torghatten and Brønnøysund, you can take the road around Ylvingen to Vega. This island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are traces of Northern Norway's oldest settlements, 9000 year old antiquities so it is believed that people have lived here for 10000 years. You can continue on the coastal highway with the ferry that takes us from Forvik and then to Tjøtta, the island to Hårek who ruled here. This island is located in Alstahaug where the famous poet priest Petter Dass lived and worked for large parts of his life. Here is a great campsite where it is good to spend a few days. It is here that the island with the famous mountain peaks seven sisters is located. The municipal center is Sandessjøen, which is a busy port and industrial city. It is especially service to the oil industry off the coast of Helgeland that contributes to this. When the journey continues to the mainland again for a short period via Helgelandsbrua, we pass the artwork house of the winds at the western end of the bridge. The Helgelandsbrua itself is a powerful piece of engineering with one of the longest suspension bridge spans in Europe. One can think of what it will be like to drive over here on a stormy winter day / night. It happens that the road administration sometimes has to close due to strong winds. In the summer sun, it is pure adventure travel.

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