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By: Bjarne Eikefjord
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, December 6

Magnor Glassworks: Pre-Christmas activities for young and old

Magnor is located on the border with Sweden, in the municipality of Eidskog. There we find a glasswork that offers far more than beautiful works of art in glass and crystal. Every year, more than two hundred thousand visitors find their way to the glassworks, and before Christmas it is extra busy, says Bjørn Gjerde, when BoCM took both the site and the product range closer to Christmas before a Christmas.

The Magnor glassworks was established as early as 1896, when Geijerfors Glassverk was subject to the Swedish Eda Glasbruk. Only in 1917 did it become "whole Norwegian" and Eda Glasbruk was closed down and exists only as a worthy museum, around 10 min. driving from Magnor. But Magnor has continued to produce service, vases, glassware and Christmas items such as candles and decorations. A number of Norwegian designers have over the years helped design the glassworks' product range, such as Per Spook, Vebjørn Sand, Per Winge and Ari Behn. This year's collection has inspirers such as Jan Thomas, Finn Søhol, Halvor Bakke and Hanne Krogh, says Bjørn, while he shows us around both the glass cabin itself and the other exhibition and sales premises.


Everything at Magnor Glassverk is available to the approximately 220.000 visitors each year. It includes access to the factory outlet, the exhibition premises, and to see how the glass is designed in the glass cabin itself. Now in the pre-Christmas stripe, casting candles, or "candle dipping" as it is called in the professional language, is a favorite activity, Egil Bentengen says, while showing BoCM how light of different colors, sizes and shapes can be created by first dipping a wick into melted candle in many colors.

Good and warm

Inside the glass cabin it is nice and warm, glass is heated, blown to the right size, and shaped by craftsmen with a long tradition in the work. "It is not uncommon for this job to be inherited for generations," says Bjørn Gjerde, while he shows how the production process takes place. A piece of glass attached to the blow rod, is heated, shaped and finally released to slowly cool. The process takes a long time and requires good handwork.

Pre-Christmas events

The program until Christmas shows a number of activities, which include both the music evening, opening of a designer table, Christmas workshop and Christmas concert with children's choir, opera and singing. - "The Christmas concert is based on Journey to the Christmas Star, and then we get a visit from Hanne Krogh herself," - says Bjørn. The show also has a small cafe, where you can get Norway's best waffles, smiles Vivian Huse and swings two glasses of real homemade jam.

Covers Christmas table

The different designers each cover their Christmas table, which visitors overlook. What gets the most votes is drawn to one of those who voted for it. This year Hanne Krogh has made the table "Journey to the Christmas Star" and quickly becomes BoCM's favorite to get the winner's stamp.

Good parking

Behind the main building, the glassworks has built up a large car park for those who come with caravans or motorhomes.

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