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Text and photo: Sven Furuly
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 2 March 2020

Trolsk family camping: Hunderfossen Adventure Park

With children in the car, there are some places in Norway you simply can not drive past. Such as Hunderfossen Adventure Park. Here you will find a number of accommodation offers - and for those who drive a motorhome or have a caravan, there is an excellent solution.

At the entrance to the beautiful Gudbrandsdalen, just a few minutes drive north of Lillehammer, we find not only the ski paradise Hafjell, but also a wonderland for children of all ages. For me, Dogs havefossen Camping has been there since time immemorial, but it was not until 1984, when Hunderfossen Adventure Park opened, that the place really came on the map of fun attractions to visit. Because unlike most amusement parks, we find here a thematically constructed adventure park firmly rooted in well-known Norwegian culture and art experience.

Troll Collection

Already in the distance we see the troll sitting and resting with a spruce tree in one fist. Just as many artists have imagined the scary, but still kind, trolls in many of the fairy tales Asbjørnsen and Moe collected, and which many have read to their children growing up. At Hunderfossen, more than 60 different attractions have been created, and many of these are made by - or inspired by Ivo Caprino - the man behind the Flåklypa films. One of the major attractions is the roller coaster Il Tempo Extra Gigante, and the contrast between the craving in the stomach it provides, and a leisurely walk on the Children's Farm is great. But precisely the range is something that makes this a nice family park.

family Space

Dogsfossen Camping is a typical family place where most people stay a couple of days. Compared to the hotels nearby - and in the area - this form of accommodation is favorable. Let it be said right away: The money goes away quickly already at the entrance to the family park, and then it's okay that a camping day for 4 people in a motorhome or caravan costs 345 kroner in high season (July) - electricity included. Most parents (and grandparents) are mostly in "yes mode" in places like this, and the thousands fly fast. In any case, we would recommend a two-day pass. There is a lot to experience, and if the weather is nice, the hours go by quickly. The park has around 280 visitors during the summer holidays, and there can sometimes be a bit of a queue at the main attractions. Then it might be a good idea to come back early the next day.

guest Service

We meet the booking manager Anita Jordbruen at the reception at the campsite. She leads the square and the hotel, and Barnas Gård, and… and… in short a lady who is "hands on" mostly on the west side of Lågen for a little over a kilometer. The advantage of being a department manager for the various units benefits both the operation and the development of all the facilities. The campsite has 300 pitches and an increasing visit has created a need for more sanitary facilities - and one is completely new when we visit. Because you are a "guest" in the whole area, you are thus also a guest at the hotel - with its facilities.

Norwegian Road Museum

After being in Barnas Gård and looking at everything from ostriches to Norwegian cattle and small rabbits, there may be one or two "fathers" who want to visit the Norwegian Road Museum, just north of the Adventure Park. Here, too, the outdoor areas are designed for children to have play opportunities, while inside the newly built museum building, a large number of vintage cars and motorcycles are hidden, in addition to much else related to Norwegian transport history.

Olympia Court

Other activities that make this a stop the children will not forget are the swimming facility in the park, mini golf, try the Olympic bobsleigh or move over to the Hafjell side the opportunity to cycle in the terrain or just take the gondola to the top and enjoy the great view . It is easy to fall in love with this area - easily accessible from large parts of the country.

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