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Text and pictures: Finn Bjurvoll Hansen
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 1 February 2020

Kiting on Jæren: A different camping weekend

Jæren is an Eldorado for anyone doing water sports, be it surfing, windsurfing or kite surfing. Kite surfing is a fast growing sport for people of all ages. The motorhome is used extensively when hunting for exciting locations to carry out this activity. The first weekend in September, "Jæren Kitecamp" was organized by Stavanger Kiteklubb at Bore Strandcamping.

The Jæren Kitecamp and Nordic Elements film festival is an annual event at Bore Strandcamping. This is where people of all ages gather, and it's a weekend packed with exciting activities. Here you can get an introduction to wave surfing, skateboarding and kite surfing in a controlled environment. There are separate courses and activities for the kids, live music in the evenings, and each day starts with a round of yoga for anyone who wants to try it.

Motorhomes and vanlife

At the festival camp, a good mix of accommodation equipments eventually became. Here it was everything from tents - to converted vans and motorhomes. The dream for most vans was to eventually acquire more modern motorhomes with the amenities that make life a little more comfortable. This is something that is coming more and more, extreme athletes want to be able to stay more comfortable. Being able to get into a good and warm motorhome after a session, having a shower and toilet, and not least opportunities to cook some food.

The weather gods in layers

The festival start was at 17:00 on Friday afternoon, and all day there was a changing weather with rain and wind. As the opening approached, it brightened and the sun looked ahead. Fires were lit and benches laid out. It was set up for a few hours to mingle and get to know the chat. This was so enjoyable and we got many new tips on great places for free camping where it was possible to practice water sports both here in Norway and abroad.

Film and concert

On Friday night, there was a screen for film and entertainment in the festival tent. The film "Surfers of Jæren - The Pioneers" by Martin Salem garnered applause and trampling, showing how the entire surfing environment started at Jæren and that conditions could be compared to the best beaches and surf spots in Hawaii. Ottar Stangeland from the band Deathbarrel provided the musical feature after the film premiere, and it was a really enjoyable evening.

Family day

Saturday rises with sun and suitable wind. A bit of the idea of ​​a kite / surf camp is that it should be windy, and not least a little waves. This day there was a wide range of activities for both children and adults. After a quick morning yoga in the festival tent, it was time for the children's surfing course. Many enthusiastic children were given wetsuits and surfboards. In flock together with parents and grandparents, everyone wandered down to Bore beach where the children were to get an introduction to wave surfing. A great concept where kids get to learn and test their skills on the surfboard in a safe environment.

1 - 2 instructors per children provided the safety and instructions

In addition to all the activities for the children, there were also exciting activities for the adults. There was also an introduction to wave surfing and training kits for those who wanted to take a closer look at kite surfing. There were also competitions for the more experienced kites, and it is always exciting to see how these play with the wind and the waves. All day there was a packed program where you could choose what you wanted to be part of.

Exciting alternative

Spending a motorhome / camping weekend at such an event is exciting and educational, and not least different. The fact that there is a wide variety of activities for both children and adults does not mean that the weekend is not boring.

Nordic Elements film festival is held together with Jæren Kitecamp under the auspices of Stavanger Kiteklubb. The venue for the festival is Bore Strandcamping.

Nordic Elements: Stavanger Kiteklubb: Bore Strandcamping:

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