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By: Kristin Smedsrud
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 1 February 2020

Hunderfossen June 2019: Children's Camping Festival

We are in Hunderfossen Family Park once again to take the temperature at this year's Children's Camping Festival. The sun's rays peek through the clouds and promise good festival weather. The Children's Camping Festival is a popular and nice combination, with visits to Hunderfossen Family Park and social activities for young and old at Hunderfossen Camping which is close by.

The organizer is Norsk Bobil og Caravan Club Avd. Gjøvik and surroundings Dept. Lillehammer and surroundings. Event manager Johan Bjarnaberg welcomes at the entrance - passionate and primus engine for the festival. Johan is impatient because he has more guests he wants us to meet this year. - "We have our first Swedish family over here," - he says, and leads to a group sitting and relaxing in the sun.

Swedish guests

The Lilja family comes from Uddevalla and consists of Elvin 10 years, Ivan 6 years, Alve 3 years, mother Anett and dad Petter. - "We were invited here by the Evenby family that they met in Årjäng last summer," - says dad Petter. - 'They talked about how nice it is here in Hunderfossen and about the festival. We exchanged letters for a year about this and looked forward to the trip "- adds Mum Anett. - "We would love to come back next year" -. When asked if the kids like themselves here in the park, they eagerly respond in chorus: "Great!" Little Alve really likes to do the digging machines and has had to do a little extra of what he likes since he had a birthday yesterday. We leave the family who will now try their hand at rafting.

Three generations

Close by we find the Evenby family who invited the Swedes to the festival. Three generations are on tour and consist of Isabella 22 years, Nicklas 9 years, Elena 7 years, mother Elisabeth Gloria, grandmother Unni and Per Ivar called "Besse". - How many times have you participated in the Children's Camping Festival? - "Oh, this will be the third time this year" - says Grandma Unni. - "Yes, we can soon call it a tradition," - adds "Besse" and laughs. The whole gang loves the rafting, but Nicklas is by far the most excited about the roller coaster Il Tempo Gigante. Isabella would prefer to meet girlfriends. - "Yesterday we got lots of buns and soft drinks and tonight we will look at Trollgeir and Uncle Nut, and then we will get nice prizes" -, Elena shouts eagerly. Mom Elisabeth explains that there are always expectations of the evening and the organizers think it is very good. 

Full activity in the park

On the way we pass the Adventure Castle, which is taken out of an Ivo Caprino tale. A pleasure for young and old to make a journey in between all the famous and beloved adventures. Further inside the park we meet grandfather Ole Pettersen and grandson Christian 7 years, from Halden. They are here for the first time and in full swing trying out all the activities. - "Now they have tested the car lane and tractor and Christian proudly shows the certificate he has received. - What do you think is the most fun? "Bathing" - answers Christian in cash. - "I've got two swords and I also liked the Troll Castle" -. 

First trip

The Eriksen family from Slitu between Askim and Mysen are also on their first trip. They talk about their great-grandparents Kjell and Grethe with their great-grandchildren Thea 10 and Sander 8. - "We came here with a motorhome, but the children will lie in a tent tonight because they think it is so much fun" - says grandmother Grethe. - "The carousels are a favorite, but otherwise the kids will be where it is most scary" - she laughs. Grandfather Kjell thinks it is very well organized and easy to enjoy here. Not least, it is very social for big and small so no one needs to get bored.

Water is fun

A little guy is eager to turn a steering wheel. He eagerly turns back and forth. It is Adrian of 2 ½ years who goes to the splash! Great fun! Adrian laughs and looks skeptically at those who stand and watch. A patient dad smiles and sighs that the pod has kept it going for a long time. Adrian runs to the well and sticks his head over the edge. "Is there anything down there"? Dad has enough to look after with the pod which is an active little explorer.

gold loaders

Beyond, some children are eagerly standing upside down in the gold digging channel. Johan wanders away and checks how things are going. Not so easy to find something down in the sand. Eager hands wash the sand time and time again. Patience pays off and those who look well will find. Eagerly the children show small «gold nuggets». There is usually a prize for handing them in. The cousins ​​Ingeborg 12 years from Oslo and Margrethe Sofie 12 years from Skuløy, Møre & Romsdal willingly poses for the photographer for a moment. They meet here at the festival every year and are good friends. They do not have much to say because they are in a hurry to get to the roller coaster.

Record in attendance?

The afternoon is on and the evening's program is approaching. People have started leaving the family park and moving down to the campsite. The kids have started to gather in the square and outside the caravans and motorhomes the families enjoy the afternoon sun. A large group is in the process of grilling today's dinner. We greet one of the Sarmiento families from Plots in Østfold who originally come from the Philippines. Mother Susana, father Melchior, Mel lani 15 years, Mel anna 19 years. - "Mel lisa at 18 is not with us this time" -, says mum. Have you been to the festival before? - "Oh yes" -, says dad Melchior, - "we have been with since 2005 and been to at least 12 of the gatherings. We started camping in tents for the first two years. The main reason is that the children will return every year. Originally, three families came here. My brother and aunt and us and then we all kept coming here. ”-

New guests

Dad Melchior has been an active recruiter of new guests for the festival. At least 7-8 families are now regular guests. - "It is important to keep the tradition" - adds Mel anna. She has started planning further holidays and plans to spend a few days in Sweden. The girls think the Energy Center is very interesting. - "Where we can explore senses" - Mel explains Lisa. - "We walk in a maze in the dark and it's about finding out using senses" -. Wind and hydropower and renewable energy are also interesting. Down here at the campground, horseshoes are still fun, but they want a little more things for the bigger kids such as obstacle courses.

The evening everyone is waiting for

Meanwhile, during the talk, tonight's event has started. The entire organizing team is in full swing organizing the activities. The horseshoe is in full swing and Johan sits at the judge's table at the sidelines, noting the points. Aurora Espelid 8 years get a nice hit on the last try. Andreas 6 years makes three heroic attempts, while Thea 8 years almost gets a full hit. Little Isaac at four, needs some help. The shoe is heavy but he fails to cope with bravely fine throws. Oscar 8 years has done this before it seems and accumulates well with points.

Then it should be set up for the photographer. All the children have put on the nice jerseys for this year's public pictures.

The trolls are coming

It should be done away with if the trolls come a little. Many of the children are happy and some of the youngest have a mixture of fear and joy. A ragged voice shouts away in the square. No one can see who it is yet, but everyone understands who is on their way. Small and large flock to the Stage area to get the entrance to Trollgeir and Uncle Nut. The trolls appear while arguing about yours and hers and there is a lot of laughter when they shout at the kids. It's easy to see that these guys are popular. Once again we leave happy and happy camping guests as the sun goes down.

"Welcome back in 2020" - says Johan in the end.

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