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Text and photo: Magne Reigstad
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 1. February 2017

Node on Vestlanda: Voss with free flow of temptations

Voss is a coherent celebration for anyone who likes to use the body, and at the threshold of Nærøydalen, the world heritage and cultural heritage combine beautifully.

The center of Voss is freed for transit traffic with a long tunnel, and you have left both the town and the water behind you. Those who only urge eastern or western courses slip on the goodies of the municipality, which provides nutrition to both body and soul. The municipality is well-equipped with campgrounds, and when the equipage is anchored, it is only to buckle on the harness in the climbing park, ride a flat ride or ride a steep hill or take a leg in the mountain world, along old postpaths or new trails.


"Extreme Sportsveve" has become a worldwide concept in the right circles, and the bold women and men who unfold in waterfalls and under the sky become an attraction in themselves. We will thoroughly enjoy ourselves with a round in Klatreparken which can be extreme enough. The plant is located in the woods along Strandaelva one and a half miles from the center of Voss. Highest point above the ground is 12 meter, and it balances it on tight line, climbs into big grids, and dovetail bridges lead from three to three.

Cures high-heeledness

Helmets and safety equipment are of course mandatory in the park. It is not free to let the children go, but when the instruction is done, the youngest can test the skills in controlled forms. Adults with a slight fear of heights, experience as a pure bonus that they can sign up for that kind of thing after a round or two in this park. "The world is wide - but Voss is further". We do not know the origin of the oral cavity, but if anyone doubts the truth of this statement, just contact the environments that practice air sports in all editions. If you want, you are allowed to quietly glide under a hang glider, tandem jump in a parachute or watch the water world hanging high above Vangsvatnet in a tight line behind a speedboat. The air is for everyone, and it is at times quite colorful under the summer sky.

True touring place

Alexander W. Mathieson looks wide-eyed beyond his kingdom, Voss Camping - according to him the only one ects Tour of the tourist municipality. He offers 50 seats with power for carriages and campers and in addition 30 tent seats. The high season is hectic but quite short, from 10. June to about school end.

"We do not accept advance booking, first man to mill gets space," says Alexander, who believes Voss has infinitely a lot to offer. However, his guest is still average for a few days. The busy ones can not possibly bring anything but taste of the Vosse menu.

- It is smart to settle in Voss for those who would like to pay a visit to Bergen vestlandthe six-expedition. Leave the car and take the train to the city. It does not take more than a small hour, he advertises who has the train station within walking distance.

The camping host came from New Zealand for the first time in 1983. He would only be here for a short season as a sheepskin, but was in trouble when he found love and was established for the longest time in the tourist industry of the village. But he thinks he still has to manage to wrap a sheep.

Traces deleted

We walk dry frosted from his reception, across the well-stocked and graveled site and across to the banks of the catchwater. When the 200 anniversary hit Voss in 2014, Alexander could paddle relatively smoothly around. Now all tracks are deleted. Flood water, mud and floating caravans is just a hot memory for all involved, but also a reminder that something has happened to the globe and the climate. The seafront and the trails that migrate through the Prestegardsmoen lead one way along the water to the train station, bus terminal, downtown with nice shops and a bunch of eateries. In contrast, it enters into silence and idyll, into an elegant new footbridge over Vosso. The bridge is equipped with own outlets for those who want to look after big salmon.

Safe bike path

The list of possible experiences in the village teams that many drive through so quickly is long and varied like a Danish open sandwich menu. Those who choose to set up a base camp on the campsites outside the city center will find parking close to Vangskyrkja. In the middle of the city center is also a parking garage with modest prices. It is also good with marked cycle paths all the way to the wide Vangsgata. The municipality has a flair for the hottest holiday trend of the time - so-called active holidays, on foot in the lowlands and mountains or by bike. Based on our own experience, we recommend the trip on a family-safe cycle path between the city center and Skjervet in the neighboring municipality of Granvin. Parts of the trail follow an old railway route, and the excursion ends in a new tourist attraction where you can walk so close to waterfalls and vestlandsnatur that it suffices for most. The trail is built by Sherpas and then it is safe enough.


Those who arrive or leave Voss via national road 13 over Vikafjellet, should check out the Èconomusèe in Myrkdalen. The woodcarving profession is both a livelihood and a tradition in this municipality, and here it is shown what and how the profession is practiced. Creative heads and hands have always had good conditions in this village.

If there are any free minutes during your stay, just dive into the Voss Guide. It is a well-edited free booklet of 68 pages. Along the street there are plenty of shops of all kinds, and of course there is a shopping center with shops similar to those you find everywhere in the country. The stroll in the city center streets can be stopped by the artist Kristian Finborud's workshop with its gallery. Next door is a shop where many will get to know what Per Finne has designed for everyday use in Norwegian homes.

The leap is big from nice design to Mølertertunet high above Vangen. In this yard now Voss Folkemuseum, people lived up to 1927 so these are real things. Enjoy peace as you walk back in history and philosophize over what kind of struggle it could be to live on such an idyll. From here there is also a marked hiking trail to the hanger.

Wet and beautiful

Only a few extremes on our long list of temptations - Bordalsgjelet and Stalheim funnels. The table girdle is deep, nifty and moist, but a well secured path along the edge. You curl up curvy under big jumps while your hand hugs hard around the fuse. It is ticking in the toes while it is pouring into the jelly potatoes somewhere in there, in the kingdom of fossils. We recommend the trip up to the starting point on foot or per. The bicycle for the parking lot can be somewhat harsh.

In the Stalheim tracts - on the threshold of what UNESCO has put on its world heritage site, the West Norwegian fjord landscape. Here in Nærøydalen one of Norway's most famous painters - JC Dahl, received inspiration from his widespread motif "Fra Stalheim". Today's hikers will get a little bit bad if you use Dahl's pictures as a turquoise to Nåli. The master gladly furnished a little bit about nature so the pictures became as perfect as they should be from the professor's hand.

Per Sivle

Stalheim is poet Per Sivle's hometown. His narratives and poems are part of the Norwegian culture tax. Who has not humbled a tear in the eye of the strokes of "The first song, I'm right, ...". The poet had a changeable upbringing and lived a hard and sometimes painful life. Mother's grave is clearly signposted on the roadside and is a few hundred meters away from E16 at Oppheim. Nature, reflection and culture in the same gift package.

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