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By: Kristin Smedsrud
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, December 6

Hadeland Glassverk: Traditional Christmas shopping and experiences for the whole family

Christmas marketing is attracting more and more to the extensive exhibitions we find at traditional companies with a long history. BoCM presents Norwegian Christmas traditions from craft companies with centuries-old traditions - which are still alive.

Traditional Christmas shopping and experiences for the whole family

At the southern end of the Randsfjord lies Norway's oldest industrial company, which is still in continuous operation. Hadeland Glassverk was founded in 1762, and the production methods are still the same as they have been for 250 years. In the first years, they produced bottles, pharmacy glasses and medicine bottles for household use. Later the production was changed from small glass to bowls, saucers and vases. A continuous process of change and development of new designs has made the glassworks able to meet the needs of the future, while also focusing on managing its significant history and cultural heritage.

The first snow has settled and Christmas mood is coming on quickly as we roll into the large parking lot of Hadeland Glassverk. Here is the Christmas decorations and all the candles are lit. Many people probably remember Hadeland Glassverk as a factory outlet. The place has undergone major changes in recent years and now offers trade and experiences for young and old alike. Caroline Francke Berg, sales and marketing manager at Glassverket, comes running and welcomes a tour. - Here's a lot to do during the day to do a lot, says a smiling Caroline. - "The pre-Christmas trade has become a regular tradition and here we are in full swing" -.

Want to blow your own Christmas ball?

Here are the many buildings and lots to choose from. Where should we start? - "I think we should start with Glasshytta" - answers Caroline. Inside Glasshytta it is like coming to another time. - The glass hut is the pulsating heart of the Glassworks, says Caroline. - "Here you can move around between the workshops and see how the glass blowers still work by the same methods as over 250 years ago. Here, 3, 4 and 5 generation glass blowers work »-

Can everyone blow their own Christmas ball? - 'Sure, blowing glass is fun for both adults and children. Everyone from around the age of 4 can blow their own glass »-.


Glass blowers are active around the room. It glows warmly in the melting furnaces and glowing lumps of glass mass turn into a Christmas ball, a vase, a drinking glass or other artwork. You get good help from a professional glass blower throughout the process. What better way to decorate the Christmas tree than a Christmas ball you have blown yourself? Caroline explains that the cooling of the glass is important to keep it from cracking. One must have plenty of time for it to take an hour and a half to cool the glass from it is blown until it can be retrieved.


- «Hadeland Glassverk produced lamps from the early 1900th century. Now we have relaunched selected models that are hand-blown by our skilled craftsmen, "- says Caroline. In addition, many new models are also produced. We walk around the showroom where the audience is free to walk around and see a large selection of beautiful glass lighting. - One of the news is the lamp series Krystallkule which comes in three sizes, nine patterns and ten colors, Caroline adds. The series is created by design manager Maud Gj. Bugge. The balls are mouth-blown and hand-sharpened by skilled craftsmen.

Gload from floor to ceiling

In the Glass shop there are bowls and glass from floor to ceiling. Many famous series such as "Siri" recently relaunched by designer Willy Johansen. Siri was in production from 1954 and due to high demand it is now back in the Glass shop. If you appreciate brandy or know someone who does, the famous Konjakkpipen is back - only in Glasshuset. It can be placed on top of the coffee cup or warmed so that the brandy is tempered to make the different flavors and smells better. "Two glass blowers spend an hour producing 3-4 brandy pipes" - says Caroline.


The little ones will not get bored so easily. Here they can ride horses and sledges and meet the kids with Christmas goodies to the children in their baskets. On weekends, Nissemor's Christmas workshop at the Christmas Market in Gallery 2 - At the Christmas Market we have a nice nook with children's activities. Caroline shows off a nice hook with hectic activity with big and small. At Santa Claus you can write your wish list and create your own Christmas decorations in a Christmas workshop. In Honey House you can fill honey with your own glass. Buy candles, soap and other honey products. You can also color your own light, which the kids find exciting. For the art lover, there is a Christmas exhibition in Gallery 1. is from 16 November to 23 December. Here you can buy art from renowned contemporary artists with a large selection of paintings, graphics and drawings.

When hungry needs

Here are five places to eat. In Vaffelhuset you get waffles with homemade jam, softies or kuleis or Belgian waffle with ice cream. In the Bakery, buns and fresh pastries are rolled. Just follow the smell. A nice break on the shopping trip can also be found in Kokkestua. Delicious sandwiches, traditional Christmas dishes and a rich selection of cakes and desserts are served here. Norgesglasshuset is also a nice café where you are served gluten-free food and drinks. Coffee drinks, mineral water, ice cream, swallows and pancakes, served with Norges-glasset's self-produced jam. Caroline says that they have a small factory in Norgesglasshuset where jams are produced with little sugar and a lot of berries and fruit.

The Chief Hall - Christmas gifts for the food lover

On the shelves here you will find Norwegian locally produced food and drink. Here are small niche products from small scale producers and beers from many of the country's microbreweries. It is bathed in shelves of glass and bottles of all sizes, colors and shapes. Filled with tempting content like honey and jam, mustard and aioli, sauce and soup, juice and syrup, chocolate and caramel - just to name a few.


Caroline stops in the square by the Christmas-lit locomotive in the square. She says that it is from the time when the track passed through the area and they even transported the sand to Glasshytta. As is well known, sand is the main component of glass. - "We are working to get back to the stop at Jevnaker station and are in dialogue with VY about this. In the future, there is hope to achieve this. It is only seven minutes walk away and a very good environmentally friendly transport alternative for the future. There is amazing great lighting here. It must have been a big job to set up? - "Yes, we actually have 50.000 Christmas lights here to create the Christmas mood," - explains Caroline proudly. We can promise that you will be in the Christmas mood if you take a trip.

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