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By: Betina Berglie
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 2. April 2017

Four students on winter wear: First trip with motorhome

What do you do when the winter storms wreck and the temperature creeps down? Most people prefer to stay indoors in the home's sheltered favors. But for four students in Trondheim, February 2016 became a different experience. They rented a motorhome and drove a couple of hundred miles round Trondheim - Lofoten, without previous experience. How it went, you can read here in their own story, exclusive to the Bobil and Caravan Magazine.

That we would ever drive a car, and that until winter, was probably remote when we got together in the reading rooms at the University of Trondheim in the new year. But suddenly it changed, and here's our story of four students who rented a motorhome and went to the midnight sun's country - midwinter.

It was a Tuesday in early February that I sat in bed in my collective in Trondheim. I felt down, because I was bored in my student life. I'm in my final semester of master's, and there is no form of teaching, and you quickly become lonely in your work. It struck me then, that I could do something about this. I needed to come up with something that could motivate me. As a student, it was important to get the most out of the money, and the internet gave me the answer: Rent a motorhome. I called around to some classmates, and brought with me Madelén Hansen, 26, Yvo van der Weel, 23, and Joakim Lee Sletten, 27. We rented a Fiat, 2016 model, Adria Matrix, from Stein and Sissel Braa on, already this coming Saturday. We started driving from Trondheim on Saturday at 17. It was an unforgettable journey for all of us.


None of us had any experience with larger vehicles from earlier, and although driving conditions were both on winding, slippery and unlit roads, it went very well. We discovered that there was a lot of moose over the road and was forced to drive calm, which proved to be profitable when we had to crash for a couple of them. Meeting on moose, up to several times, was an experience in itself. After the first leg we were in Mo i Rana, and here we spent the first night at the edge of a forest. We did not connect to power, and chose that everything in the car should be gas powered. It was a nice first night, which everyone slept well through. The snow made it down and the car was our slippery snow cave.

Forces of nature

The second day we drove over Saltfjellet, where the snowstorm howled. Bodø was the destination for this day, but when we arrived in Bodø we found out that we had the opportunity to take the ferry from there to Lofoten. This ferry trip to Moskenes in Lofoten was a nice trip where we could go out on deck and feel the sea and the forces of the waves. When we landed, Moskenes camping was only 5 minutes by car from the ferry berth. Here we had the car right by the sea on top of a cliff, and we got to feel the strength of nature that night. The motorhome did not let us miss the weather out there, but kept us warm and safe.

Charming road

Third day we went to Ramberg camping, where the service was great. The road from Moskenes to Ramberg was magnificent. We drove in the wind and weather, on the most charming roads with nice tunnels and bridges, and wild sea and mighty mountains around us. We got confirmed that Lofoten is a fishing paradise with all the charming fishing boats and dry fish suspension that Lofoten was surrounded by.

winter Swimming

We went out on a fantastic walk not far from the campsite, to a place called Kalvika. This was an hour's walk each way, up between two mountain peaks. As we got up between the mountains, we met a turquoise sea and a beautiful big sandy beach. We could not help taking a bath in the three-degree temperate sea. A cool, yet magical experience. After the trip we drove to Svolvær. We spent one night in Svolvær, and had great plans to go for a walk, but due to weather we chose to drive on.

Northern Light

We drove to Lødingen and took the ferry to Bognes. There, the drive was to go over Saltfjellet again. On the way up we stop at the Arctic Circle. It was dark, cold and starry. We lit a sack of wood and sat around the hot flames, grilling sausages. Here we felt like the only people on earth, while the northern lights danced over us in the sky. When we finished dinner, we drove to Nesna out on the Helgeland coast. Again we experienced our beautiful Norwegian nature, at the same time as we all got a flaming feeling of national pride. At Havblikk camping in Nesna, we arrived a little late and chose to connect to electricity on the main building without permission. The next morning we met very nice staff, who did not seem to mind this at all.

Home Tour

Last night we drove to Høylandet, and spent the night at Flåt camping. The plan was that we would go to Grungstadfossen the next day, but we did not come up with the motorhome, as it was too steep and slippery. It would have been possible to walk the kilometers it was there if we had not had another day, but this was the day the car was going back to Trondheim. We therefore chose to turn around, and then turned the snout home. We had agreed to deliver the car at 20:00, and we had to make the motorhome clean and ready for the nice owners.

Unforgettable trip

The caravan has been very brilliant on this trip, both in terms of driving pleasure and the experience we received in our winter country. This has been an unforgettable trip, which I would recommend to anyone who loves our beautiful elongated country. With precipitation in the form of snow and rain, we really felt the value of a motorhome and the amazing ease of use these cars have. It should also be noted that all the campsites we visited were very friendly and we were denied the price more places since we came out of season.

Better known

Over 200 miles and two ferry trips on 6 days. I have to thank Madelén, Yvo and Joakim who joined. If possible, we will know each other even better after this trip. In summary, this trip gave bålkos, swimming, hiking, different scenery and nature, which will suit both friends, lovers and families.

The costs

The trip became affordable, even on student loans. The rent of the bus came on 8000 kroner, and we spent about as much on fuel, food, gas and ferry tickets. We did not think that was so bad. The trip gave us an unforgettable experience of Norwegian nature and landscape, and we returned to the reading room with new motivation and inspiration. Perhaps we will do something similar to another year as well.

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