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BY: Harald Vingelsgaard
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 2 March 2020

Flåklypa Canaveral: Join us in space!

Join Solan Gundersen on a trip into space. He is ready for launch in the rocket at Flåklypatoppen. Aukrustsenteret - or Huset Aukrust as it is renamed - is a center after Kjell Aukrust from Alvdal in Hedmark. It contains so much wonder, that you can laugh all the way home. Such as the rocket, where it is launched every ten minutes.

We park the car outside Huset Aukrust, go into the large building and out again at the back. Furthermore, we follow the "Milky Way" up many and long stairs, before we arrive at Flåklypatoppen. There we stand outside the door, as we are told. We psyche ourselves up to a lunar journey, together with seven other tourists on a warm and nice summer day. Time for preparations for launch. A guide opens the door and shows us the way into the rocket's engine compartment. There we meet some of Kjell Aukrust's most famous characters, who speak to us from a TV screen.

Traveled Solan

One of them is Solan Gundersen who is a real offensive type, accustomed to travel, fearless and forward, a world champion type. The other is Ludvig who is low-key, careful and very shy, the exact opposite of Solan Gundersen. As usual, Solan is in super form and offensive: - "You have to have a little courage, maybe overconfidence to travel up to the month," - says Solan. - "Moon journey, it's fali it," - thinks Ludvig who is so scared to hear all the talk about space, that he falls to the floor next to Solan.

Start Help

The guide inside the engine room asks us for help to start the rocket engine. A future Flåklypa astronaut stands against the wall and pumps fuel to an engine. Another controls the speed of the rocket. It has several speeds, from strolling pace to "madness" as it says on the round disc. Another gets on a bike and starts pedaling, so we get power for the light in the engine compartment. One turns on the ignition. The engine starts. It thunders and it slams and it lights up.


After a while, while the engine is running in earnest, we go up to the second stage of the rocket to answer some control questions before the big trip. - "What is the name of our galaxy?" - is one of the questions. - «The Milky Way,» - we answer. Correct. - "You can feel safe when you enter space," - we are told. We continue up a flight of stairs to the top of the rocket. Now the fun must begin. We're going into space with Solan. We sit in a chair. Above our heads we have something resembling a hair dryer and high up in front of us a large screen that will show us where we are, maybe there is a camera mounted in front of the rocket. NB

lift off

The countdown begins… ten, nine, eight seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Start. Pang. The adults laugh. The children are serious and very concentrated, the little ones are a little in doubt whether it is nonsense or real. Suddenly warning lights flash, and the alarm goes off, and it rumbles and it rattles, and so much weirdness happens up there in space, that we've never seen before, that it's almost unbelievable.

After a dramatic journey, fortunately everyone lands safely on the ground again, down on a field. - "You have made a flawless landing and are 100 percent Flåklypa astronauts," - we hear on landing.

Detour to the moon

We have been on a trip into space with "La Pollo XIII". This rocket was built a few years ago. And it has become the most spectacular at Huset Aukrust. The rocket is located close to national road 3, one of the main shipping lanes between Trondheim and Oslo, and stands as a landmark. In other words, anyone who wants to take a detour to the moon or just enjoy a trip into space can stop there. But in winter the rocket is closed, Solan has to recharge for the summer season.

Reodor Felgen

No one has made "La Pollo XIII", it is the bicycle repairman Reodor Felgen himself - one of the other most important people in Kjell Aukrust's world. The rim must have inflated sharply the day he managed to build this magnificent work on Flåklypatoppen. It was many years after Kjell Aukrust died. Maybe Felgen would honor Aukrust a little extra in this way, because Aukrust wanted to build a rocket in his time.

The workshop

At Flåklypatoppen, bicycle repairman Reodor Felgen has a workshop. We take a look inside. There he has many things that are not found anywhere else here on the planet: A urinal that astronauts can use as a toilet on the lunar journey. He has a device that makes alcohol of the type "Flåklypa Spesial", this is a mix of home-burnt and burnt-away. He has a mini rocket, "Reodor Felgen Racetto De Panorama Alvdal", and so many strange things that it is completely understandable that his work began where others did not reach. We stroll back to Huset Aukrust to take a closer look at all the other fun and nice things from Kjell Aukrust's world. Inside the exhibition hall is a small version of the race car "IL Tempo Gigante" which Reodor Felgen himself drove during the race in the film Flåklypa Grand Prix.

Attach Measures

In the hall, a figure has also been made that has a very special device connected to its mouth. This is a party meter with a counter and glass tubes with a lot of strange things up there, to measure the per mille in the blood.

Inside Huse Aukrust, there is also a mini rocket, a motorcycle with a sidecar and a funny device - a painting machine - that creates works of art by stepping on pedals that are connected to the various brushes that are passed over the canvas. It paints with four colors at once. At the bottom of the hall is a machine that makes milk chocolate, an advanced device that covers an entire small wall. If you put in 10 kroner, a chocolate falls out. You can take the chocolate into the Flåklypasalen, the cinema hall and watch all the Aukrust films.

Growing up

The house Aukrust is almost like a museum, made in honor of Alvdal's eldest son, Kjell Aukrust, who would have been 100 years old next year, if he had lived. We enter a room in the center where his story is told. Kjell Aukrust was born on March 19, 1920. He grew up at Storsteigen agricultural school where his father, Lars O. Aukrust, was principal. This school is located only a few hundred meters from Huset Aukrust in the center of Alvdal. From his immediate environment, the character gallery growing up, he found inspiration for Solan, Ludvig, Reodor Felgen and many others. Kjell Aukrust was a great, national artist known through his books, drawings, paintings, films and inventions.

Aukrust's ideas

Inside Huset Aukrust, a story is told from the time when Kjell was a boy and strolled with his father out in the field, across the turnip sheep, that is, the rows where they grew turnips:

'My father used a walking stick. He took long steps when he inspected the annual crops at Storsteigen agricultural school. I was often with. Then I ran after him and held him by the knife. One day we crossed the turnips sheep on Statrøa. Here I put forward the following thoughts in the form of a question: You father, is it fair to cut take a hat? - "Yes, you can understand that!" Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Then my father stopped, looked down at me and said: - "Mother and I have often wondered a little about you we Kjell…" - Maybe this testifies to a boy who was a little different than most boys? Inside Huset Aukrust we can see many of his fantastic drawings, get an insight into his unique world. We can also see some of his paintings, a form of expression that is more unknown to the artist Kjell Aukrust.

Down to earth

Once you have been up in space and strolled around Aukrust's world, you may need a little refreshment to get back to our world. Then you can go to the spacious cafeteria inside Huset Aukrust and buy yourself something to eat and drink and let your gaze fall on the beautiful nature, the fields, the wooded hills and majestic Tronfjell. Watch. In 2020, when Kjell Aukrust would have been 100 years old if he had lived, it will be extra fun in Huset Aukrust. Solan is bursting with joy at the thought of the anniversary, while Ludvig is very worried about all the fuss surrounding such an event. Who knows what Reodor Felgen is up to to create extra life and stir?

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