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By: Johan Bjarnaberg
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 2 April 2021

Children's Camping Festival for the 16th time

The Children's Camping Festival will be held between 25 and 27 June 2021 Norsk Bobil og Caravan Club. The meeting is a collaboration between NBCC dept. Gjøvik and surroundings and NBCC dept. Lillehammer and surroundings.

The family reunion will initially be arranged as the last 15 times, but we must take into account the Corona pandemic. and some of the activities may need to be discontinued or changed as a result. The campsite and Hunderfossen Family Park have their guidelines and they must also be followed to the letter. As long as the campsite is open and the park is open, the meeting will be held. This year, we will pull the meeting area outside the campsite itself so that it is easy to keep recommended distances at all times. Together we must make this happen!


We received state support in 2020 for the meeting to be canceled and these funds will be used in connection with this year's event. More on our facebook page. Saturday can be used mainly in Hunderfossen Family Park. The surrounding district has a lot to offer, for example the areas around Øyer and Lillehammer. We also mention Lilleputthammer, Barnas Gård, Olympiaparken, the Olympic Museum, Maihaugen and Skibladner. Entertainment on Saturday night is once again with Trollgeir and Uncle Nut. The highlight for the kids will be the draw of the lottery on Saturday night. With extra nice prizes for the kids and nice gift cards and fruit baskets for the whole family.


We have also this year received a favorable agreement with Hunderfossen Familiepark which gives significant discounts to all our guests. We also offer free access to the climbing park inside Hunderfossen family park for the young people who join this year as well. Everything is therefore ready for another pleasant weekend for the whole family at Hunderfossen. We hereby invite all families with children to this year's meeting.

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