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Camping at Lista: Many opportunities
Text: Arne Lunde, Photo: Campingportalen
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 2 April 2014

Camping at Lista: Many opportunities

Lista has certainly no shortage of pleasant campsites, and traveling by motorhome is also the quayside in Borshavn an exciting alternative - a combined marina and RV camp.

Also on Farøy, within walking distance of Farsund center, a motorhome parking has been established which has a common service facility with the guest harbor. But it is on the pier in Borshavn that we find Siv Meberg-Hansen, Marianne Johannessen and Irene Østtorp, all from Lista / Farsund. - Oh you, as we enjoy ourselves! says Marianne, who has been on a motorhome holiday both in northern Norway and in Sweden with her husband. - You can hardly find a better place than Borshavn when the weather is like now.

Protected grove

Among the campsites is Lomsesanden Familiecamping, which is beautifully situated on a plain right by an 800 meter long sandy beach. A woodland protects against weather and wind, of which there is a lot on these edges. Today's owner of Lomsesanden, Erling Vetland has run for ten years, but the campsite can write its history 70-80 years back in time, when there were simple conditions with an outdoor toilet and only tents on the site. Today, all modern facilities are in place. Open the Camping and Mission Center is located in the heart of the Uppstafjord and can offer both a beach and a heated and glazed pool to its guests. It is also possible to rent a boat.

In new business park

Lista Flypark Camping is part of the industrial park developed after Lista AFB was closed down. Hotels, apartments and a restaurant is in place. It is also Flipside Camp, which is a versatile aktivitetstibud youth with ia karting, skatepark, BMX and paintball. A large field is set aside for campers. Here it can be fully in connection with major events, such as motor homes hits. Otherwise there is usually plenty of space.

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