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By: Harald Vingelsgaard
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, September 4

Camping in nature: Paradise in the mountains

A paradise on earth. This is the mountain in Einunndalen north in Hedmark for Willy and Sissel Bakke who chose to go there on their honeymoon! The sun shines from an almost cloudless sky, it is 25 degrees warm in the air, which is very rare there high up in the mountains, where it is usually cold.

Willy and Sissel Bakke have parked the motorhome on a parking lot above Marsjøen, a large lake where they have a small boat. Idyll on idyll. Next to them is the motorhome of their friend couple Ingvald and Ruth Mirjam Floden. Between the motorhomes they have set up a camping table and some chairs. There they sit and enjoy life. - "We are on our honeymoon!" - Willy and Sissel say excitedly. One week before we met them, they got married on the pier at Storsjøen in Rendalen in Hedmark where they live. The rapporteur chaired the ceremony. The steamboat arrived and the whole thing was accompanied by the bridal march. A historically beautiful moment.


- "We were fiancés," - say Ingvald and Ruth Mirjam. Who could be better suited to be engaged than the two who have been married for 42 years! How did the idea come to travel far inland, many miles from the nearest paved road, to a place that very few in Norway have heard of? "I have been hunting and fishing in these mountains since the 1970s," says Willy. This part of Einunndalen belongs to Folldal. He lived in Folldal for many years before moving back to Rendalen where he comes from originally. - «My brother rented a cabin for a year at Marsjøen. I was at that cabin for many years, "says Willy.

Fishing specialists

The couple are specialists in fishing. They have even conducted commercial fishing on Storsjøen at home in Rendalen. In Marsjøen there is trout, and it is red and fine in the flesh. Top mountain fish. In the surrounding mountains there is a rich wildlife, with large flocks of wild reindeer. Willy has hunted reindeer and grouse there countless times, but no longer hunts. The bride and groom and their fiancés live in a parking space without electricity, without water, without mobile phone coverage and with very poor reception conditions for DAB radio.


But in the motorhomes they have everything they need. Good beds. Die. Water. Refrigerator. Freezing and heat if it gets cold in the mountains. - «In this place we get the nature experience far away from everyday stress. Besides, we park legally, »- states the couple.

Honeymoon in a boat

The two couples find the fishing equipment and clothes that are suitable for a boat trip, stroll up to the road, and a few hundred meters down to a boathouse by the sea. Outside the boathouse is their small plastic boat. They sit in the boat where they have two fishing rods at one end. Suddenly it starts to blow a little and there are ripples on the water surface. Better fishing conditions. We wish them good luck on their honeymoon. They wave from the boat out there on the sea and simmer gently on the horizon.

End of wild camping

We return to the stand and read an information sign on the wall, signed by Statskog. Wild camping is strictly forbidden. The space is set up to provide better sanitary conditions, to protect nature and to prevent littering. It should be quiet between 18.00 in the evening and 9.00 in the morning. It costs 85 kroner per. night and 1.100 kroner pr. season. The fee is paid at the self-service checkout or together with the toll you have to pay to drive into Einunndalen. There is an outdoor toilet in this place and a place to throw rubbish.

Sheep and cow in the road

We drive from Marsjøen to the next place with caravans and motorhomes in Einunndalen. Some sheep walk in the middle of the road and relax. We are honking. The sheep do not respond. They are used to some traffic. But when we have been waiting for a while, they stroll down to the roadside and out into nature, where they find some goodies to eat. Einunndalen is a mountain valley in a class of its own. Here there are still some farmers who have their animals on the farms and in the mountains in the summer. Idyllic. The animals can go free and eat what they want. Many shopkeepers say milk from these animals gets better. Many lambs live almost freely in the mountains all their lives, in principle as wild animals, before they are slaughtered. Inside Einunndalen, there are not many predators that are a threat to sheep and lambs on pasture.

Cows have a "right of way"

As we drive, we suddenly see 10 cows standing in the middle of the road and at the roadside. What shall we do? We go out and try to shout them out, but it does not help. These are such large animals that one must have respect for how dangerous they can be. We wait and wait. They stand and relax. Five minutes later, two of those standing in the middle of the road walk a little to the side, enough for us to pass by with the car. We continue the car ride and feel like we are on top of a mountain, but there are higher peaks on either side of us. This is an eldorado for cycling, but we have only seen one cyclist this day. This is an eldorado for outdoor enthusiasts who want to go hiking in the mountains, but we have not seen a single mountain hiker.

Care Place

We stop at Naustvika by the lake Fundin where there are many caravans and some motorhomes parked idyllically down to the water's edge, above the old boat boathouses that look like small works of art where they are reflected in the sea. This is one of the pitches. -"Hi! Here we are fine, "says Ronny Nyvoll who is on a camping trip with his three children. The caravan is parked in the marked area, as Statskog has said it should be done. With solar panels on the roof, heat in the caravan and water from the pond a few meters from the caravan, they have what it takes for a mountain hike.


This is the fourth summer the holiday is added to Einunndalen for the Folldal family. The kids thrive. They run around and play. They fish. And they relax. - «Here we have fun. When we take the caravan up the mountain, it becomes like our cabin, "- says Ronny Nyvoll. It is almost impossible to be allowed to build a cabin inside Einunndalen for those who do not have seats or a cabin there before. Therefore, these pitches are very nice for people who want to enjoy life up there on the mountain. Good trip!

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