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Text and photo: Statens Vegvesen
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 2 April 2021

Camping holiday in Norway - a journey in nature and history

With its 2000 km. from Lindesnes to Kirkenes, Norway has as much to offer in nature and holiday experiences as most of the rest of Europe. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has made an overview of 18 national tourist roads that can give campers on two or four wheels great holiday experiences in Norway. The case has been prepared by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration for Norwegian Tourist Routes.

18 national tourist routes: Experience Norway along

18 carefully selected road sections in Norway have been given the status of National Tourist Route. All offer unique driving experiences through the best of Norwegian nature, and are a good alternative to the main roads for you who want to experience a little more on the journey.

Are you going on a camping holiday this year, but not yet a specific destination? Many people think that life is best on a trip, when you can enjoy life without everyday stress. With a motorhome or caravan, you can travel from experience to experience, from view to view and from activity to activity - and take life just as it pleases.

Varanger - The road to the Arctic Ocean

Drive in alternating light between sea and sky on the way to the open sea and a unique rocky landscape. One senses culture and history - the melting pot of peoples and a dramatic life.

Varanger National Tourist Route runs between Varangerbotn and Hamningberg and is 160 km long.

Havøysund - Towards the far north

A drive through a landscape where nature has the upper hand. A supplement to the North Cape, with the end point Havøysund and the islands beyond as a surprising encounter with a vibrant community on the Finnmark coast.

Havøysund National Tourist Route runs between Kokelv and Havøysund and is 67 kilometers long.

Senja - Sea, fjord and mountains

The car trip is a journey through a changing natural landscape with fjords, mountains and living settlements sheltered by the open sea. Here, the close contact with the sea gives the great experience.

Senja National Tourist Route runs between Gryllefjord and Botnhamn, with detours to Mefjordvær and Husøy. The stretch is 102 km long. Together with Andøya, Senja is an external alternative to the E6.

Andøya - Where the sea goes ashore

On the drive through a landscape without shelter towards the Norwegian Sea, the fishing village Bleik becomes a strong image of the meeting between man and nature.

Andøya National Tourist Route runs between Bjørnskinn and Andenes and is 58 km long. Together with Senja, Andøya is an external alternative to the E6.

Lofoten - Along the peak wall in the ocean

Drive through a well-established destination with magnificent nature and vibrant coastal culture. The midnight sun on the outside and the fishing village on the inside provide experiences with a wide range.

Lofoten National Tourist Route runs between Å and Raftsundet with detours to Nusfjord, Vikten, Utakleiv, Unstad, Eggum and Henningsvær. The stretch is 230 km long.

Helgeland coast - From peaks and glaciers to island rich and lush coast.

A contrast-filled driving experience in close contact with the coast, glacier and beautiful cultural landscape with a lot of history. Alternative detour to E6 with magnificent views of the sea and the archipelago. Svartisen, Torghatten and the islands provide good experiences.

National tourist road The Helgeland coast runs between Holm and Godøystraumen with a detour to Torghatten and is 433 km long.

The Atlantic Road - The road in the sea

"The road in the sea" is the well-known experience with bridges that meander between islets and reefs. The road goes through a coastal cultural landscape along the rugged Hustadvika, where the sea has challenged traffic at all times.              

National tourist road The Atlantic Road runs between Kårvåg and Bud and is 36 km long.

Geiranger - Trollstigen - In a meander along steep mountains

A driving experience along a traditional tourist road in dramatic vestlandsnatur with high mountains and deep fjords, which attracts both car and boat tourists. Fjords and roads have been utilized by an active industry for generations.

The Geiranger-Trollstigen National Tourist Route runs between Langevatn and Sogge Bru and is 104 km long.           

Gamle Strynefjellsvegen - Along stone walls and stepping stones              

The old road between east and west is a museum experience in itself. This is a historic alternative to the new trunk road over Strynefjellet.

National tourist road Gamle Strynefjellsvegen runs between Grotli and Videsæter and is 27 km long.

Rondane - Along blue mountains           

A drive in close contact with Norwegian nature in easily accessible borderland between high mountains and old cultural landscape. The area with its clear geology along the first national park in Norway, provides experiences and inspiration at a slower pace.               

Rondane National Tourist Route runs between Venabygdsfjellet and Folldal, and between Sollia Church and Enden and is 75 km long.  

Sognefjellet - Over Norway's roof              

The national tourist road from the cultural landscape in Lom over the highest mountain pass in Norway to the inst in the Sognefjord. The gateway to Jotunheimen from the west has long traffic traditions.

National tourist road Sognefjellet runs between Lom and Gaupne and is 108 km long.

Valdresflye - Where the road hovers 

Driving tour with a view of mountains and plateaus at the entrance to Jotunheimen through cultural landscapes with steelworks and traditional tourist businesses in the high mountains. A natural stage in many round trips and an alternative for those heading north.

The national tourist route Valdresflye runs between Garli and Hindsæter with detours to Gjende and is 49 km long.   

Gaularfjellet - From the Sognefjord to Fosseheimen        

A peaceful alternative to the trunk roads from Sunnfjord to Sogn. Along protected watercourses and quiet fjord arms to the tourist town of Balestrand, this is a stretch that can be included in many round trips.

Gaularfjellet National Tourist Route between Balestrand and Moskog, and between Sande and Eldalsosen is 114 km long.           

Aurlandsfjellet - Snøvegen between the fjords

From fjord to fjord over a barren high mountain where the snow saw its clear mark and with the view of the Aurlandsfjord as a grand finale. Together with the Lærdal tunnel a unique round trip from Gamle Lærdalsøyri to Aurlandsvangen.

The national tourist road Aurlandsfjellet runs between Aurlandsvangen and Lærdalsøyri and is 47 km long.

Hardanger - Mountains, fjords, waterfalls and fountains

Several driving routes through a traditional tourism area. Waterfalls and fountains are mighty scenery, visited by tourists for over a hundred years. Nature has provided a basis for boat building, fruit and industry. 

Hardanger National Tourist Route consists of four sections: Granvin - Steinsdalsfossen, Norheimsund - Tørvikbygd, Jondal - Utne and Kinsarvik - Låtefoss a total of 158 km long.             

Hardangervidda - From the high mountain plateau to vestlandnature              

A contrast-filled journey from vast expanses to encounter it vestlandhappen the fjord landscape. Vøringsfossen and Måbødalen are a rough transition from east to west.

The Hardangervidda National Tourist Route runs between Eidfjord and Haugastøl and is 67 km long.

Ryfylke - Along lush fjords and bare mountains

Drive in the border between øyrike and heiar from Lysefjorden to Sauda and on the mountain pass to Røldal. The road is access to an important recreational area and attractive hiking terrain.

Ryfylke National Tourist Route runs between Oanes by the Lysefjord and Håra, and is 260 km long.   

Jæren - High sky   

A journey through distinctive cultural landscapes along the North Sea. Detours down to pebbles and dunes provide exciting experiences of sea and light, lighthouse and cultural heritage. 

Jæren National Tourist Route runs between Ogna and Bore and is 41 km long.


Here is an overview of Norway's 18 national tourist routes gathered in one place. The tourist roads stretch from south to north, through our entire elongated country. The experiences are many, and the choice is yours.

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