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Text and photo: Magne Reigstad
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 1. February 2015

To the west sea: Lovely Herdla

Herdla is located approx. 45 minutes drive from Bergen city center. Follow national road 562 over the elegant Askøy bridge and the narrow Herdla bridge to the end of the road. Here a very unfamiliar variant of it is revealed Vestlandone, with enough space for sunbathers, kiters, birdwatchers, golfers, adapted for motorhome tourists.

A round around the area reveals why Herdla was of strategic importance for the occupying forces during the last war. Here the Germans had full control over the entrance to Bergen harbor to land, water and in the air with. Herdla fort was a well-guarded part of NATO and the Norwegian coastal defense long after the Cold War was called off. Now the fort converted into a hiking area where old artillery has been Finfine viewpoint for hikers. Askøy and Directorate for Nature chipped in a million bill.

motorhome Space

The result of the joining layer is absolutely outstanding, a proper car park, toilets and dump station for motor homes. Thicket forest is cleared, and the walkway tack past thicket twisted pine and solid tables and benches placed at strategic locations. In the woods just behind the parking lot has been made safe barbecue areas with benches. Farthest out on skarvnakkene meet Herdla Fjord and Hjeltefjorden, the two main arteries from the north to the port city of Bergen. And here - deep in the mountains, situated torpedo batteries opened for Sunday visit last summer.

War Memories and birds

Below plateau fort is on, the Germans built the airport - and filed thus a target for English fly. The museum tells about the air layers, but today the remnants of concrete strips on Herdla Valentine popular among both footmen as cyclists. Watch out for the cow patties and grazing young stock for some of the area are also grazing land. Here lies one of Hordaland's farms. It goes without saying that the boundaries of the well signposted bird sanctuary respected. Here it is observed over 220 various birds, and this unique colony of resident and migratory birds can be observed from a specially built house with ideal location. Do not forget the binoculars!

for Friskus

Furthest out on Herdla Valentine, past the remains of the bomb-proof hangars - you sweaty feet cooled in crystal clear water while watching Hurtigruten sag astonishingly close by. Children of all ages can always find something exciting in spring rocks out here going north wind straight in from the ocean, ie after swept over the islands Fedje Hellisøy Lighthouse can be glimpsed on the horizon.

The winds sweep right often with great strength of Herdla. Therefore, both sides of the island romp place for windsurfers and kiters. When most people think wind becomes troublesome strong, open these brave men and women their huge bags and pulls on a wetsuit. Perfectly free offers Friskus on much entertainment and fun photo design for all of us who prefer to earth.

collects threads

This is part of the fascination with Herdla - past and present are within sight of all. Harald strolled around out here while he fought along by the coast to gather Norway into one kingdom, and for 70 years ago fought British and German aircraft Draba duels over airstrips. Visiting Herdla museum two divisions is therefore a must for those who want to gather the threads. Golf and camping is a straightforward combination and it can be played both 9 and 18 hole on the course that has a wonderful location. Golf round goes past the beautiful herdla church that was used to stall during the last war. The golf course has its own parking.

In the horizon heading north at the Sture terminal, located loading and pending supertankers, and the western sky flickers everlasting fire from oil plants at Tjeldstø near Bergen. Oil-adventure live in high-tech nation Norway. Oil revenues sounds in the chest around the clock all year round here west.

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