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By: Frode Pål Fladmark, Chairman NBCC avd Sunnmøre
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 6. December 2017

A trip from Ålesund to Veidholmen

I would like to tell you a little about a trip to Smøla and Veidholmen on Nordmøre. Reisa started from Ålesund by ferry from Vestnes to Molde. Then via Kristiansund to Seivika with new ferry over to Tusna (Sandvika) and finally ferry to Smøla. A lot of ferries, but a great experience when we arrived.

The island municipality of Smøla is located in the far north Møre og Romsdal. Fast-Smøla has an area of ​​214 km2, while the entire island municipality with the more than 5800 islands, islets and skerries around, in total is 275 km2. In January 2016, 2141 inhabitants were registered in Smøla, and these are mostly employed in the primary industries agriculture and fishing, somewhat in the secondary industries and an increasing number in the service industry.


Smøla has no campgrounds, but has now created a drainage station on Strømmen. At Edøy you will be historically located with, among other things, the old Edøy church, which was built in the 1100 century and farmhouses that were already known during the Viking Age. The proximity to the ocean was as important as now and continues to attract tourists from far and near who seek crazy experiences in the storm and quiet. The people have lived from ancient times of agriculture and fishing. In recent years, service industries have also become significant, and especially in tourism, the increase has been high. Smøla municipality now appears as a modern tourism community. The Gurisentret offers content-rich exhibitions and has one of Norway's finest performances with room for 1000 people. The Utescenen is formed as a Greek amphitheater and is among other things the venue for the annual arrangement by Mrs Guri of Edøy.


In 2002, King Harald Smøla opened a wind farm, and Smøla thus became the first large wind power municipality in Norway. In the autumn of 2005, former Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland opened Smøla Wind Farm II. with 68 wind turbine generators. There are also many birds here, such as sea eagles. The fishing village Veidholmen is located at the far north of Smøla and is connected to the main island with a road that with bridges, embankments and protective jetties is an experience in itself. Veidholmen is a fishing village that lives. The boats come in with catch and seabirds and sea eagles mark that there is food to be had here. Try one of the nice eateries and be convinced that fish dishes of today's catch - that's the best! Veidholmen is one of the largest settlements in Smøla municipality with 325 inhabitants in 2003

camping site

In Veidholmen there is an area for parking and toilet for visitors to Hottranklakken, near the pedestrian street. There is no power. A camping site must be established by the gravel to Væring, but it will take some time. Many say that Veidholmen is one of Norway's most exciting destinations, and many have raised their eyes for our living fishing village. Hauggjegla Lighthouse is a rare natural experience, people from all over the world come to this beautiful lighthouse located on an islet outside Veidholmen. Brenneriet is an old tranbrenneri that has now been converted into coastal culture center. Here you can learn a little about the history of Veidholmen. Hiking can also be ordered, where you can hear local stories and sculptures served in a historical setting

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