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Text and pictures: Norway East-West

A tour of Norway from east to west

The 8 campsites that are associated with Camping Norway East - West represent a round trip that can give you some of the best that southern Norway can offer from nature experiences and activities. The campsites are in suitable daily stages, with enough time for good stops for experiences along the way.

If the trip starts in Oslo, the road can go along the E6 north to Minnesund and further along Lake Mjøsa. Many great experience opportunities along the way, and in Lillehammer can be mentioned Maihaugen, Hunderfossen family park, Hafjell, Lilleputthammer family park etc. Accommodation at Lillehammer Camping or Dogsfossen Camping. Distance: 184 km, effective driving time: 2,5 hours.

Furthermore, the journey up the Gudbrandsdalen passes Vinstra and Otta to Dombås, takes off at E136 towards Lesja / Bjorli. Here it is a short distance into Reinheimen National Park and other beautiful mountain areas. The road over the mountain and down the Romsdalen to Åndalsnes is spectacular. Nature experiences are in line - Trollveggen, Romsdalshorn / Romsdalseggen, Mardalsfossen etc. Here you can stay Lunde Camping. Distance: 236 km, effective travel time well over 3 hours.

From Åndalsnes you drive Trollstigen, an unforgettable stretch of road to the mountains. You come down to the fjord again in Valldal in Møre og Romsdal, and drives along the fjord to Liabygda by ferry over to Stranda. Furthermore, you drive to Hellesylt and to Stryn and Oldedalen, where you can spend the night Gryta Camping. Beautiful scenery near Briksdalsbreen which is a popular hiking destination. Distance: 182 km, effective driving time almost 3 hours.

From Gryta Camping you drive back to Olden, turn left along the fjord to Innvik and Utvik, and then south to Byrkjelo. Then follow the E39 to Skei and Førde. You also drive down to Norway's longest fjord, the Sognefjord, where you take the ferry from Lavik to Oppedal. Drive to Instefjord and take county road 1 past Brekke until you arrive Botnen Camping which is idyllic in the Sognefjord with good fishing opportunities. Distance: 202 km, effective driving time about 4 hours.

Further from Botnen you follow varied fjord and mountain scenery south to the Osterfjord, through Knarvik and Arna to Bratland Camping, Haukeland, a little southeast of Bergen city center. There is an eldorado of fjord idylls, sea, archipelago and mountains. Distance: 116 km, effective driving time 2 hours.

From Bratland Camping you take the road eastwards inland. You follow the fjord to Stanghelle and continue on to Dale, Voss, Granvin. There is a bridge over the Eidfjord, and you continue along the fjord to Eidfjord. Further on, the road goes up Måbødalen, past the spectacular Vøringsfossen, over Hardangervidda to Haugastøl and Ustaoset to Geilo. Here you can stay overnight Øen Turistsenter & Geilo Vandrerhjem. Distance: 228 km, effective driving time of just over 3,5 hours.

From Geilo, the journey continues on county road 40 via Kongsberg and onto the E134 to Hokksund. Here lies Hokksund Camping nice by the river just 500 meters from the center of Hokksund where the experiences are queued. Distance: 184 km, effective driving time about 3 hours.

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