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Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 1 February 2021

A hidden gem: Hokksund Camping

With its nice location close to Oslo, but at the same time close to beautiful mountain areas and many local sights, Hokksund Camping stands out as an excellent "basecamp" whether you travel in a motorhome or have a caravan on the hook.

For many, it is still the dream of getting something completely different on the hook that makes them stuck at Hokksund Camping year after year. Salmon fishing in the Drammenselven river is described in stories dating back to the 1100th century, and with its beautiful location on the river bank, there are not many steps between the caravan and the fishing place. Today, there is a well-organized scheme for the sale of fishing licenses - whether it is for 18 hours or the entire season - for the entire salmon-carrying stretch of the Drammenselven - and fishing licenses are for sale every night at Hokksund Camping during the season. Over the years, this has led to the square establishing a separate area on the XNUMX-acre area intended for permanent residents. Here too, as in the rest of the place, there is no difference between motorhomes and caravans.

family Friendly

Nevertheless, it is an attractive family camp and an excellent starting point for trips and experiences in the local area, this campsite appears to be a good place to visit. The idyllic location will probably surprise most people who rush past Hokksund on the E 134 between Eastern Norway and Vestlandone over Haukeli, or is on its way between Oslothe fjord region and Hallingdal along national road 350. However, many foreigners have discovered Hokksund camping - and that is probably primarily through searches on the internet and the use of Google maps. With a distance of barely an hour from the quay of the Kiel ferry in Oslo or two hours from Larvik - with its ferries from Denmark - Hokksund has become the first accommodation in Norway for many foreign tourists on their way to the west and the legendary tourist destinations. And the feedback has been many and positive over the years.

Warm atmosphere

The location gets a lot of praise. Most of the space is located on an island in the river, separated from the mainland in the form of a small canal that shares the access area with the service building and the installation area - where we also find both the newly built sanitary building, kitchen building, barbecue hut and the 20 camping cabins. Two bridges connect the two halves of Hokksund Camping and this really gives a feeling of leaving the country road behind when you turn off the ignition after finding a good parking space. All 285 places have electricity, and most of these are planted on grass. Experience has shown that the vast majority of people who visit Hokksund Camping prefer this, rather than a surface of gravel or asphalt. And to create a warm and friendly atmosphere, hedges are planted at regular intervals on the site.

Holiday experiences in system

The facility is surprisingly complete, and demonstrates in an excellent way what a state-of-the-art and well-run campsite can offer. The season with all offers in place extends from 15 May to the end of September, but already at Easter the restaurant in the facility is open. Audun Wang, general manager at Hokksund Camping, is himself a trained chef, has many years of experience from hotels and tourism. Since taking over the management, he has worked hard to put together all the elements that create a good holiday experience in the system. Camping cabins and holiday apartments can be pre-booked and rented all year round, but for motorhomes and caravans the "drop-in" applies. Precisely this has been an important decision - and has given many satisfied guests.

many sights

Because the capacity is large, it is rare that there is no space for a motorhome or caravan, and often people stay longer than planned. The nearby sights are many - whether it is Nøstetangen Norwegian Glass Museum which is located just outside the entrance to the campsite, the jumping facility in Vikersund, Sølvgruvene in Kongsberg, or Blåfargeverket on Modum - which are all a short drive away. Many people are reluctant to drive a car with a trailer or a large motorhome in it Oslo, but still wants to visit the capital when on holiday. From Hokksund station, a short walk from the campsite, there is a departure to Oslo every hour, and the train journey takes only 50 minutes. To the river town Drammen, which is the regional center of the region, it only takes a quarter of an hour by train.

High level camping

Hokksund Camping is part of the Norway East-West collaboration where eight different Norwegian campsites have created a common platform to market their quality and good location in some of Norway's most beautiful areas - from Hokksund in the south-east to Åndalsnes in the north-west. To get a 4-star rating, quality is required at all levels, and when we visit, there is a lot that impresses. The sanitary building with its own family department, the spacious kitchen building for people who want a little extra space to frolic during cooking, the piers where people can also add their own boat, and not least the pleasant pub area with all rights in the service building, promises Hokksund Camping to a high level. A place that is really worth a visit.


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